Raging with YouTubers

To be honest, it was fucking weird to have this many big YouTubers in one suite. But at the same time, it was pretty legit. We're all here because Joe and Ben are in town, so it was a matter of why not. 

This is Jordan. He and I see eye-to-eye.

This is Ben -- Joe's business partner. He was supposed to bring his Tinder girl & friends.

This is Joe. He's the reason why we were all drinking. On a fucking Wednesday.

This is Carlos. He got the connects.

This is Ally. She famous for that DIY fashion stuff. I honestly don't remember anything else.

This is my favorite picture from the night. Ben had already gotten off with two beers and an empty stomach, so he grabbed some almond butter and full celery stalks to munch on. From a photography perspective, the idea was to go full in-your-face flash and then punch it in post-edit. I wanted to capture a tacky and over-flashed effect that night. I really liked how this photo turned out -- shadows of the flash going almost full black and all details brought out in the face. The other light sources in the room also make the edges yellow and interesting. That wasn't always the case in the other photos.

So, next time, I'm going to go about +2 EXP on the flash and -3 EXP on my camera. That should basically kill all the other lighting in the room. Thereby, increasing the contrast, improving white balance, and providing am artificial pseudo-vignetting effect.