Nostalgic Handmade | Medium

Nostalgic Handmade | Medium

Today. We'll be wrapping up the current line of pomade from Nostalgic Handmade with their Medium. Last week, we looked at their Water Based pomade and yesterday, we tried out their Firm. And so, as with many other reviews, we tend to end it with the standard.


Once again. It's on point. That's all I need to say.


Officially, it is orange soda slick and to me, it smells like an orange Smarties. It's like that fake and powdery orange smell that even simulates the sense of carbonation. 


Similar to the Firm, it's a little tough to get out of the jar, but it is significantly smoother than the Firm. You definitely feel the push back of the wax, but the mango butter eases it up a bit.


It breaks down completely into a buttery paste. No lie.


The shine is consistent across the line and throughout the day. It's slight above average. A notch above neutral. Just enough to show you have product in your hair, but not enough to blind everyone around you.


Also, another thing that is consistent across their line of hair pomade. Like the shine, just well balanced. 


The hold is a true medium. We often see many brewers and labels claim their pomade to be a medium while in truth, it's much stronger than that. Dave is true when he labels this as a medium. Like the shine and slickness, it provides just as much as you need. Anymore and it's often abused and misused.


The control ends up being more than reasonable. Styling with it reminds me of Crystal Lake and the Nostalgic Handmade Water Based. 


Just watch the video. As with any medium or light oil-based pomade, you must be entering with the expectation to restyle. And of course, playing with Yung Luna all day messed up my hair big time.


But, as also demonstrated in the video, restyling is more than possible. 


I think it's due to the mango butter. This pomade doesn't feel super greasy. I've been very grateful for the departure from petrolatum to hydrogenated castor oil. Now, Dave is making the move towards mango butter. I've been happy with what I've seen so far and look forward to seeing even more developments. 


Washes out in one or two showers.


All in all, this pomade was like you took Crystal Lake and made it into an oil-based pomade. It's balanced and gives you just what you need -- it's like it doesn't trust you with great power. And so, it wisely provides you with only enough. I'd recommend it.

If you're interested in trying this pomade, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP when picking this baby up or any pomade from Nostalgic Handmade.