Lockhart's | Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold

Lockhart's | Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold

Earlier this month, I came back for a quick review thanks to Labor Day Weekend, but I then disappeared once again. This time though, I'm back and here to stay. I've been scheduling reviews on reviews during this month, so set aside a few hours -- you're about to sift through a bunch of 15+ minute reviews every weekend.

Today, we're looking at Lockhart's Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold. It's a pomade Harrison and I have had our eyes on and one that I've been considering to add into The Approved List. Now, with Halloween coming up next month, I figured now would be the best time to introduce it to you all and begin conversation with Steve on adding it to our selection.


The design work isn't anything crazy, but it does fall in line with the rest of the selection from Lockhart's. The Fire & Brimstone line also features a satin-metallic finish on the label and in a deep crimson red.


The scent is fire. Not fire as it it's lit as fuh and one hunnid. But rather, it's literally smoky and has some spice element to it as akin to the feel of heat on your nose as you sit around a campfire. Now, as a Vietnamese-American, it is the same exact scent as Buddhist incense. It's distinctively different from the incense I remember from Mass -- that one has a different herbal bite to it. 


Feels a lot like Goon Grease (and as we will discuss later on, styles a lot like it too).


Though this is a very waxy pomade, we can always rely on Lockhart's to make it slick and comfortable to use. Other companies and brewers will put too much wax -- to the point where it hurts to even apply. 


The shine is very very slightly less than Goon Grease, or at least, I feel like it is. Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold is so unbelievably similar to Goon Grease with the exception of the color and scent. This and slickness are the only two categories where I was like -- I can see a minor difference.


The slickness is marginally greater than Goon Grease. This doesn't mean it's better or worse than Goon Grease -- just different. Either way, you can always trust Lockhart's to make slick heavyweight pomades.


It's a very strong pomade and best described as a heavy hold pomade. The hold it provides is not strong and lightweight like water-based and gel-pomades we've used. Instead, to describe it metaphorically, it relies on a low center-of-gravity to maintain it's upright posture.


It's a heavy hold oil-based pomade. I think it's easy to predict and see that this pomade provides good control. It's intuitive and resilient.


It wasn't perfect, but when can we ever expect an oil-based pomade (that never dries or hardens) to maintain the same exact shape throughout the day? Never. The thing to check is how does the volume perform throughout the day and how slick does it remain. In these two categories, this pomade performed extremely well.


It was very easy to rework since the volume was still present to use and it didn't evaporate away like a water-based or gel-pomade would.


It started off a bit greasy, but the oil was absorbed during the day -- allowing the wax to come out.


It'll take 3-4 showers to completely remove.


Very waxy with a touch of softness from the oils.


In general, Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold receives my seal of approval due to its solid performance as an oil-based pomade. In truth, I've been using it daily for the past few weeks because it's the only thing that can control my short hairs right now. If you're in need of something with taming power -- then I would consider either this pomade or Goon Grease. Both are good choices, but in celebration of the Halloween season, I'd say go with Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold while you can.

Feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money when you order direct from the brewers and support their small business. In the meantime, we'll be working with Steve to introduce this pomade to our store and save you even more money.