Lockhart's | Fire & Brimstone Medium Hold

Lockhart's | Fire & Brimstone Medium Hold

I told you I'm back to stay. Today, we'll be looking at the next product in the Fire & Brimstone line by Lockhart's which is the Medium Hold. This is not be mistaken for their normal Medium Hold from the Lockhart's Authentic line. It's completely different and definitely has more in common with Goon Grease than anything else.


In comparison to the other Fire & Brimstone pomade, this is same label but with inverted colors (and minor text changes). It's in line with the rest of the Lockhart's products which is nice because of the consistency. The design isn't anything crazy or noteworthy -- nevertheless, the entire line looks nice together as it should.


Same as the Heavy Hold. Buddhist incense. Fire. Smoke. 


It feels like a softer version of the Fire & Brimstone Heavy Hold or possibly a slightly goopier cousin of Goon Grease.


If you think Goon Grease is alright to apply, then this is even easier. 


Very similar to Fire & Brimstone, but the black color helps me out a whole lot. It gives the shine a deepness that is distinctively different from the harsh and tacky shine of very greasy white products.


The slickness is a kick or two above Goon Grease. I'm not saying it's just more oily and greasy -- it has an additional smoothness than shows up when you start styling.


You sacrifice a bit of brute strength but for some people, that's lost strength you never needed. I'm usually like that, but right now with my shorter hair, I need more strength to tidy up the shorter strands. 


All these characteristics tie into a very awesome experience when styling. 


So, I put this shit through the paces today. I went to the beach, ran with Luna under the Sun, and sweated everything out. Yet, the hair still remained relatively in place -- I was actually very surprised. It obviously wasn't perfect, but it was reasonable. The volume was the main characteristic that was lost during the day.


Restyling was a pleasure, but the lost of volume made it a little difficult. You can refresh the shape and form, but the height was limited after a few hours.


Though it must have been more oily, it didn't feel much more.


It'll still take 3 or 4 showers to remove completely.


It has the same waxiness-level build-up as the Heavy Hold, but there's definitely more oil and weight left over.


Between the two Fire & Brimstone pomades, I would have to choose the Heavy Hold as my preferred choice. I feel that with Lockhart's you have to use one of their heavies in order to fully enjoy the talent of this homebrewed label. The Medium Hold is nevertheless a good product that I would happily use over their normal Medium Hold. It's balanced in every way. I just think that the Heavy Hold is even better.

However, I would recommend that you decide for yourself. Feel free to use our free promo code THEPOMP to save some money when you order direct and support our awesome hombrewers.