Anchors | Pumpkin Spiced Pomade

Anchors | Pumpkin Spiced Pomade

Yes. It is Halloween season, and you can bet your ass that all them brewers are freaking out right now. Honest, I've never been a fan of this holiday -- I'm more of a Thanksgiving person. But there's something about Halloween that gathers candy-fiends and pomade brewers.

Today, we're checking out Anchors Hair Company's special for the holiday season, and no lie -- I'm blown away. Usually, what we get out of a Halloween special is just a re-scented and relabeled pomade. But Ben decided to create a new formula that is fucking amazing. Let's talk about it.


In all truth, the Anchors product line does not receive a lot of love and praise for their design work. But no lie, their font choice works better for this limited edition than the rest of the line up. Also, who did they pull out to do the illustrations? It's very different from my style and preference, but it's very fucking good. The font choice, color choices, and line style in the characters -- they all work very well together. 

The Pumpkin Spiced Pomade jar should be noted as a solid design job done right. It may not convey luxury or elegance, but it's as though someone took an Adult Swim feel and make it SFW.


The scent seems to have a pumpkin pie base with stronger cinnamon notes that lack a bite due to a smoothening out with vanilla. 


No one can beat water-based pomade from Anchors in regard to their creamy consistency. This one is a little different than Teddy Boy Original and Matte. It has a grip to it that reminded me of what I saw in Suavecito Premium Blends, BUT no where as harsh -- very subtle in fact.


Just like consistency, no one can beat Anchors in this category. Their water-based pomades are far more refine than anything else we've seen -- homebrewed or lab-cooked. It does have a slight grip like I mentioned before. It shouldn't inconvenience you at all, and in truth, you'll be thankful for it later.


Barely above neutral -- makes it a more versatile.


The slickness was dropped in this pomade relative to the other water-based pomades. The grip makes it a slightly drier pomade. You'll soon notice that, though the pomade feels dry, your comb still runs through it pretty smoothly. You can go either way with your pomp: loose or tight. I'd prefer to go with former. This product is NOT a clay, but it is very versatile and you can go either way with it.


I'd say this is the strongest water-based pomade Anchors has released, but I'd still place it between a medium and strong. This label is not known for making heavy or strong pomades, so we should all be grateful they made something even close to strong like this.


Fucking fantastic. Just look.


Relative to their other products like Teddy Boy Original and Matte, it's much more resilient. However, in comparison to other water-based pomades we've used, it's more sensitive to the weather. It has comparable strength to resist movement, but I'd say it's got a weakness against heat. Luckily, it was a slightly cool day today.


Very easy. As long as you've stayed out of the heat, you'll have a good amount of product still in your hair to style with. If you've lost a good amount to the weather, you'll find it easy to recreate shape and form but difficult to get back the volume in a maintainable way.


I almost freaked out for a bit because I thought the pomade had hardened like a gel. It will stiffen a bit, but in no way has it dried out.


Washes out with just water.


I would highly HIGHLY recommend Anchors Pumpkin Spiced Pomade. I came into this review just expected a relabeled pomade, but walked out with mind fucking blown. It's been so long since I've used a pomade that is so clean yet solid in its styling performance. I consider it a must try. 

Currently, the pomade is available for pre-order and soon to start shipping on October 4th. Our promo code THEPOMP will work and provide you with a discount on that order.