The Legends | Pomade

I'm back. And with a pomade review.

Today, we'll be going across the Atlantic and taking a look at a gel pomade from London by The Legends. Not because people have been talking about it or because I think the next craziest thing is going to happen with a gel-pomade -- I simply figure it was a good chance to show the international community some love. Working primarily with homebrewers here in the US, it's difficult to review and talk about things our international viewers can obtain. With Brexit and all, I figured something from London would be cool.


The presentation of the jar may not be in my taste, but it is done cohesively and competently nevertheless. As the name suggests, the barbershop goes for a classic Euro-centric feel and calls to bygone sense of style. Though of course, the concept of a gel-pomade is very different and modern.


My description of the scent won't be helpful to pinpoint it, but it does say much. This pomade has a fresh and clean scent -- one that you would commonly associate with a shampoo or conditioner. This is often the case with many lab-cooked pomades. It doesn't mean it's a bad smell -- not at all, it's just the best way to describe it.


The consistency of this pomade is lighter and less jelly-like than your average gel-pomade. It most similar to probably Steadfast pomade or The Daimon Barber No. 1 because of this lightness. It almost feels like there is less water-weight in it. 


Apply it, as with most other gel-pomades, is very easy. It's only difficult when the pomade is overly strong like Suavecito Firme or just plain shitty like Uppercut Deluxe. From what I've seen, there's almost no reason why a gel-pomade should be difficult to apply into your hair. This one is also easy to work around and ensure an even application.


Neutral. Whether or not companies want their gel-pomade to be this way, they mostly end up with a neutral shine. If they try to add shine, it usually doesn't last past a few minutes.


It's slick enough to style a pompadour or a combover -- but I wouldn't describe this product as a slick one. It actually has more potential and viability with adding some aesthetic texture. That's what will keep me using this product to be honest.


I would define this pomade as more of a medium hold. As I will mention later on, the endurance is way better than I expected, but still, I think calling this a medium hold pomade would more accurately compare it to other gel-pomades we've seen.


Overall, the control is adequate, and given that I was styling with a new haircut (ups and downs -- shorter length to manage but new canvas to work with), I was content with its performance. I think that if I had a little more length on the top, then it may have been easier to deal with. It does a good job providing volume to lengthy sections while not keeping shorter hairs in place too well.


With the super lightweight characteristic of this pomade, I was very worried about its endurance. I don't mean lightweight in regard to its strength, but rather, I'm talking about the literal weight of the pomade and its overall feel. Despite this, the pomade lasted the entire day for me. It wasn't even a lazy day. I was running errands and around the park with Yung Luna. Yet, it still maintained both volume and shape. The rustled texture you see in the photo was purely do to me running my fingers through my hair -- just a habit of mine.


I didn't restyle once today -- didn't need to. If you end up doing so though, you'll definitely want to wet your comb before trying. As with any gel-pomade, trying to restyle without water will cause the product to break and flake off -- leaving you with nothing to restyle with. 


Yes. It definitely hardens like a gel-pomade.


Washes out in one wash with just water.


Yes, this is a good gel-pomade, but no, it doesn't revolutionize anything. It doesn't do anything beyond what we've seen before. However, it nevertheless does most of what it promises pretty well, and (as some of you would consider to be one of the most important tests) it does it at a remarkably low price. 

In my opinion, I usually choose my gel-pomades by seeing whatever is most convenient. These types of pomades are used purely because of their convenience, and accordingly, I choose which ones based off that. I support my local businesses and refuse to pay out the ass for them. That is what makes The Legends a very good choice for those of you in the UK and surrounding areas, this shit is remarkably affordable. Yet, it performs on par with some others like The Daimon Barber No. 1 which costs double.

For more information or to check this pomade out yourself, you'll find it all on their website.