Weightlifting Half-Anniversary

Progress Summary

Male | 5' 6" | 150 lbs.

The above data is a quick summary of my progress over the past six months. The numbers track successful 5 by 5 workouts with color designating which lift. This is not the exact data from my records, but key points during the past six months. I've removed data from the (many) times I've had to reset to a lower weight to fix lifting form.

This week marks the half-anniversary that I've been keeping up with strength training. In other words, it's been a good six months of light jogging in the morning with Luna and hitting the gym every weekday. I'm no powerlifter, but progress has been very kind to me and results are anything but unnoticeable. 

In all truth, when I first started to train again this summer, it was the first time I consistently lifted since sophomore year in high school. My numbers hadn't dropped since then but that's not saying much because I couldn't lift much back then anyways. I had a few short-term goals at the beginning of summer which was to hit and surpass a plate for flat bench press and two plates for back squat. Then, I also wanted to finally learn how to deadlift and get that going. Once, the ball got rolling, I met the first set of short-term goals very quickly, but it wasn't until December that I finally got the deadlift form down well enough to lift seriously with it.  

You need to understand. I wasn't even able to do a single pull-up before I started.

I started because I was ashamed of letting my body waste away. I'm not saying I got fat, but I will argue that I got chubby. Yes, I acknowledge I have the privilege of a fast (but slowing) metabolism; however, to me, I feel that I'm then required to take advantage of it. Plus, Harrison and Jeffrey are both consistent lifters -- they're fucking jacked. I can't be the skinny kid rolling with them, so I figured it was about time to do something about it.

Out of the many things I do with my time, lifting is one of the very few things I will let virtually nothing fuck up my consistent schedule. This shit makes me feel good. I feel fucking great. I enjoy going to the dog beach with Luna and being able to run around with her -- climb over eroded rocks to find an empty stretch of beach for ourselves. I enjoy knowing that my girlfriend has a partner that maintains all aspects of himself. And I enjoy not having any fucking semblance of a second chin. 

All kinds of gains...

My long term goals are to eventually be capable of repping two plates (225) for bench press, three plates (315) for back squat, and pass the four hundred mark on deadlift -- all 5x5. I'm definitely far out from these numbers, but intentionally so and I believe these will be satisfying given my body type and size. Speaking of which, I would like to eventually cut down significantly to get more definition. This will probably be the most difficult part -- dieting and watching what I eat is so damn hard.

I'd also like to pick up yoga in the near future to help with flexibility and joint mobility. I've noticed this to be a very weak spot for me. Also, picking up kick-boxing or some shit might be cool too. Overall, the big picture is get strong and stay proportional -- not trying to replace my wardrobe here. 


I need a lifting partner. Since leaving grad school, I lost my old one, so it's about time I find a new person to spot my bench. If you live in San Jose and have a 24 Hour Fitness membership, then it's time to get swol bruh.