Nostalgic Handmade | Super Water Based

Nostalgic Handmade | Super Water Based

In mid-2016, a new brand named Nostalgic Handmade was created by a community-favorite, Dave Leslie. It's hard to find something to hate about the guy -- he's easy-going. But, little did we know, he was a madly good brewer and Nostalgic Handmade would become one of the most impossible to ignore labels. His initial line offered well-balanced and unique products. Now, with this new one we're talking about today, he's made his mark.

Nostalgic Handmade Super Water Based Pomade is advertised as a stronger version of the original water-based formula. In reality, it's newfound additional hold is not the only notable aspect and that's what we'll discuss today.


I would have never imagined a jar that would look like this -- that's not an insult. What I'm saying is that Nostalgic Handmade has a very unique mindset and approach that is manifested in their design work. For myself, I'm driven by minimalism and functional necessity. This jar is ornamental and extravagant. It's colorful and noisy, which is what makes this product unique. You'll find this with every aspect of Nostalgic Handmade -- it's unique.

On a more practical note, it comes in a purple plastic 4 oz. jar with a nicely-printed laminated label.


You have two choices with this pomade. You can choose either Barbershop or Clean Cut Citrus when buying directly from NHM. The latter is my favorite and so, that's what we offer on The Approved List. I feel it better embodies the brand and on its own, it's quite an awesome scent. Initially, it reminded me of honeydew, but it's much more complicated than that. It's not sweet yet very smooth. It's cologne-esque but never bites. It's clean and pleasant.


It's notably thicker and stiffer than the original water-based formula, but this is for good reason. This is not to say it's difficult to scoop out. In all reality, I've always felt there was a satisfaction to scooping out a thick paste that's waxy but not sticky.


The application is very unlike its consistency. It goes in pretty smooth, so you should have a pretty easy time making sure it gets everywhere you need it to be.


This one has a bit more shine than the original water-based formula, but I would only put it a notch above neutral. This keeps it as a versatile pomade.


Now, at the core of this pomade's performance, it is very similar to Crystal Lake (the two depart from one another in their throughout-the-day characteristics). This is a huge compliment. Crystal Lake is by far one of the most popular pomades. This is the first time we've experience a pomade that can compare and even exceed it in some ways.

It's slick enough for you to style a clean pomp with it, but at the same time, it's still dry-ish enough to let to push more towards a loose pomp or anything really.


The hold is exceptional. It's definitely not overly strong, but it is still far more than I had initially expected. Additionally, this strength is very long lasting. It's not just a short burst in the morning. 


All of these characteristics make Super Water Based Pomade a very intuitive product to use because you're never challenge by limited hold or excessive grease. It's fine a pomade for the experienced user and also, a great choice as an introductory pomade. 


This is probably the aspect of Super Water Based Pomade that I respect the most. The more product you add, the more resilient your pomp becomes. Once you hit a certain threshold, there's not much more strength and control to be gain. Resilience to endure the day is what you really get with more product.

When I used this pomade earlier this week, it was leg day at the gym. I have a tendency to flip my pomp when getting under the bar, which has always messed up the pomp. This time around, it didn't. I literally left the gym with the same pomp I came in with. For this review, I used much less product and was about to have the same experience. However, I decided to go to the dog park before filming the second half of the review and it poured. Everything got wet and messed up, which actually revealed another notable aspect: restyling.


Awesome. The strength is retained extremely well throughout the day. It's only really as you get closer to the 10hr mark that it begins to noticeably get weaker. And also, the photos you see is a restyling after a huge rain downpour. Simply put, this is very impressive.


Not at all.


Soft as fuck.


Washing out in one go. Possible with just water but easier with shampoo.


This is one of those few pomades that I believe everyone must have and I mean must HAVE. There are unique products that everyone should TRY out because they're interested. But this product is one that should be part of everyone's daily arsenal. Plus, it's cheap as hell compared to all the other products out there. 

If you're interested in purchasing it, we have it here in our store at an amazing price.

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