The Splendour Pomade | Butter Grease

Today, we are departing from the usual and taking a look at a water-based pomade from Malaysia by The Splendour Pomade. This is Butter Grease. Now, I don't always do this, but it's interesting to occasionally see what the rest of the world has to offer. Not because they have some secret ingredients or anything but rather, they can offer a new and different perspective on a familiar product.


It's common to see label design like this from Southeast Asia. For some reason, this The Great Gatsby style design work is a popular choice for many designers outside the US trying to embody what they think is classic American. But either way, the illustrations are done relatively well and the print quality is good. It's an amber glass jar with 100g or 3.5 oz. of product. 


I'll be straightforward here. I don't like the scent. Primarily because I also don't like butterscotch or caramel and that is the scent of this pomade. But if you like those candies, then you'll love this. It's pretty damn accurate in replicating the smell.


Scooping out this pomade is very nice. It's similar to the consistency of butter but drier in a way. You can roll the product into a ball just like how we were able to do that with the original Shear Revival Crystal Lake formula. 


However, the application is completely different from what we expected given the consistency. When you break it down, the product's waxiness really comes out. This makes it potentially discomforting when applying it into your hair because of the grip.




It's not a very slick product, and I guess this makes sense given how waxy the product ended up. Butter Grease is more sticky and slick, so it was enough to style a pomp. At the same time, expect to deal with a few strays.


Butter Grease ended up being a pretty strong pomade. We usually see this with pomades from Southeast Asia given their much more intense climate. At the same time, this pomade also has a much higher weight than I expected.


This pins it as a waxy, heavyweight pomade. Being reminiscent of an oil-based pomade, this makes it intuitive to use. 


When I styled in this review, I used very little product to counteract the heaviness. That, in turn, would dial down the product's ability to endure the day. With all that taken into account, the pomade has an okay resilience. The hair you see below is only after approximately four hours. I'd approximate with the proper amount of product, you can extend the endurance to maybe six hours.


Around the time of the second half of this review, I'd say I have about 60% of the strength I had in the morning. The issue is that this pomade resembles an oil-based, and so, any blemishes will keep in the hair. As in, if you have a split (like I did) and forget to comb it out, then it'll be very difficult to fix a few hours into the day.


Like Crystal Lake, the product gets a little greasier during the day.


Use shampoo but will come out in one shower.


Overall, this product was comparable to what we have here in the US but with some unique characteristic that we could expect from a Malaysian pomade. Essentially, think original Crystal Lake formula with much more wax and weight. For those located in Malaysia and surrounding countries, Butter Grease offers a good and more affordable alternative to importing similar pomades from halfway around the world.

For more information on this pomade, you'll want to take a look at their Facebook page.