Shear Revival | Easy Tiger

Shear Revival | Easy Tiger

Since it's predicted to be a stormy day here in the Bay Area, I decided it would be fitting in a way to review an oil-based pomade. And with the recent collaboration with Shear Revival, I think it'll be a good thank you to talk about their latest release which dropped around the same time as Cellar Door. This is Shear Revival Easy Tiger -- a firm hold, oil-based pomade who theoretically sits between The One Who Knocks and Music Or Misery.


The design work has been always on-point by Shear Revival. Now, they've rolled out updated labels on all their products and the primary aesthetic change being a move towards metallic inks. It's is beautiful. And on this label, it is very impressive. You'll not find a more cohesive line of products among homebrewers.


It reminds me a lot of Mountain Dewds. Easy Tiger has a citrus tone with some dull spice that is reminiscent of the feeling of carbonated water. It's unique and very pleasing while still being relatively subtle.


This pomade was much easier to scoop out than I expected. Yes, they was a slightly tougher top layer, but I bet you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't mention it. Nevertheless, for a pomade that is still strong, it's a breeze to scoop out.


Breaking it down in your palms is when you'll notice the wax. Notice me senpai. This is also the time that the product will have that characteristic Shear Revival dryness that is unique to their oil-based products. However, there's still enough oils in the pomade such that application to your hair isn't overly difficult. Also, it's important to make the distinction that it is dry but NOT grippy.


Neutral. It's always cool to be able to find an oil-based product that is actually neutral in shine.


Easy Tiger, despite being an oil-based pomade, is not a very slick pomade. There is enough to style a clean (and very tall pomp) as you'll see in the photos. However, it's limited such that this pomade maintains versatility. In other words, you'll have to put in more effort to capture all your hairs into a clean pomp, but you'll also be able to go looser if you'd like.


There was no exaggeration when they described this pomade as firm hold. It definitely has a solid amount of strength while definitely not having much weight. This is probably my favorite aspect of the pomade.


Obviously, as an oil-based pomade, it's intuitive and easy to use. It's familiar. But on top of that, the hold is very strong and there's not much to weigh it down. It's essentially giving you a lot of potential and room to work with. Textured or clean. Tall or short. Do whatever you want.


The resilience of this pomade was awesome as expected but still less than a heavier-weight like Music Or Misery. It performed marvelously throughout the day even despite the product significantly softening up. You'll undoubtedly notice it. The pomade does get greasier during the day, but it soften unlike other waxy products which tend to actually harden. This effects its resilience, but in comparison to other pomades, it still does a fantastic job keep strong.


Because it softens, it is even easier to comb through. You'll also be very surprised to know that a lot of the hold you had in the morning will still be available late into the day. This is definitely not what I expected. With the softening, I expected things to just plop down, but they didn't.


Not much at all. This is a nice thing about Shear Revival oil-based pomades.


Two to four showers with shampoo depending on how much you applied and how harsh your shampoo is.


Clean and waxy. Won't get in your way much but will help to style the next day.


Once again, Shear Revival killed it. Easy Tiger receives my seal of approval because it provides the ease of use and strength of an oil-based pomade without the downsides of weight and greasiness. In fact, I would probably choose this one over Music Or Misery because of its lightweight feel. This pomade and a few others like this remind me that oil-based pomades may fade over time but those like Easy Tiger will always have a spot on my bathroom shelf.

If you're interested in check it out, use promo code THEPOMP to save some money when ordering direct from Shear Revival. Support small businesses and hombrewing.