Arcadian | Clay Pomade

Arcadian Men's Grooming Supply Co. is a new hombrewed label out of Tennessee and by a dude that definitely has an eye for design. They were recommended to me by Zachary of Shear Revival during our collaboration. I asked him what other homebrewers I should pay attention to right now and Arcadian was among the top on the list. So, today we will be looking at their Clay Pomade.


Across all their products and consistent with they brand image, the design work is always clean and simple. My favorite part would actually be the matte finish on the labels. It's beautiful to the touch while also clean in appearance. Kerning on also well done. On a more practical level, it comes in a amber glass 


Officially, the scent is bay rum and ho wood. To me, it just reminds me of baby powder or talcum powder or just some after shave (which is often scented with bay rum). To be honest, I'm pretty whatever with the scent -- I don't like it or dislike it. Either way, it's light and doesn't persist for long. 


This is better than any clay product whether it be a homebrewed or lab-cooked pomade. It scoops out like a thick lotion. This is amazing given the fact that it's still provides a lot hold and grip.


The first two scoops or so will be very easy to apply, but it'll logically get more difficult during the third and fourth scoop because you're slowing building up the wax content. As you add more product, you're essentially increasing the amount of hold you'll have to work with and the grittiness.


It's a notch under neutral. I'm usually pretty reserved about matte finishes because of how it looks with black hair. This one does a better job than most somehow and it helps that it definitely never flakes. 


I have not experience a product with better texture. I think it's definitely the high clay content that allows for this because it's just so damn beautiful. For example, running your fingers through your hair will cause separation, but your hair will not fall apart. You will not find texture as aesthetic as this.


I'd put this as a medium-firm hold product, but you can get super volume with it. That's because it's super light in weight. It almost feels like you have nothing in your hair. 


I think I can let the photos speak for themselves.


Unlike other clay pomades, you can actually get away for about half the day without restyling. I think this is due to the light weight because by not weighing down the hair, the separations don't have a tendency to fall away. You'll definitely be more resistant to huge Moses-level parts appearing during the day.


Very easy. Whether you have a comb or just your fingers, you'll be able to restyle your hair. With a comb, you'll be able to gain back a large portion of your volume. With just your fingers, you'll at least be able get aesthetic separation and keep the hair out of your face.


The finish gets more matte late into the day, and the product definitely dries out without drying out your hair. What I mean is that my hair doesn't feel like shit after the day. It's feel nice and soft but with a grit that reminds of me beach -- like when you've swam all day and now your hair's dry with weightless hold.


Washes out with just water.


At this point in time, this is probably the best clay I've used. There's a spectrum that we're looking at, on one end is clay and the other is pomade. All the ones we've seen before lie somewhere in the middle -- hence the clay pomade designation. The Arcadian Clay Pomade is the further we've gone to the left towards clays. The salon market has plenty of clays, but they're straight shit. This product is a clay in the truest sense of the word. Take the consistency and lightness of Layrite Natural Matte Cream but fix it by giving it the hold and texture of the Cement Clay except softer and not harsh. Then you'll have this.

I will HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this product to you guys. It receives my seal of approval, and I personally use it daily whether that be to the gym or to a career fair.

If you're interested, we do offer our promo code THEPOMP with Arcadian Grooming Co. to help you save some money off an already very affordable product. Just be sure to always buy direct.