Decoded | Max Hold Pomade

Decoded | Max Hold Pomade

Decoded is a label started by a group of artisans out of California crafting a myriad of goods. They've been around for a few years and decided to release a pomade this year. Advertised a very strong hold product, we'll be focusing on verifying how much volume we can get and just how long it lasts. So, let's take a look at Decoded Max Hold Pomade.


I'll be straightforward. I'm not of fan of the design work, but I do appreciate the physical construction of the can. It's a 3.5 oz. can with a metal lid and plastic jar lined with metal on the outside. Though we often don't like plastic, this is necessary to prevent corrosion due to the water content in the pomade. There are a few foolish companies like Reuzel who don't do this and you'll want to make sure to not keep those products on the shelf for long. There's also a foam piece under the lid. Don't lose that because it's also part of the seal.


It smells straight up like honeydew. Like that Korean ice cream or some honeydew/fruity smelling shampoo. Do I like it? No. But does it linger at all. Nope. 


It's consistency is more like a Jell-O or one of those not-so-chewy gummies. It'll definitely be on the thicker side of things when compared to other gel-pomades.


As with many other gel-pomades, it's very easy to apply and spread through one's hair.




It's not a very slick product. This makes the preference of styling quickly in the morning because the slickness only goes downhill with time when using a gel-pomade as it dries. You can also throw in water to help.


The hold is very impressive. Honestly, it's too much for my hair type, but to remedy that, all I have to do is use less product. You'll typically no when I'm using a product that's too strong when the front of my pomp is flat.


Nevertheless, the control was on par with other gel-pomades we've seen. It's hard to imagine anyone would have much trouble trying to style a pomp with this product -- unless, of course, it's their first time.


This is one the most enduring pomade I have ever used. Gel-pomades typically fail due to this specific aspect, but Max Hold Pomade does extremely well. I really put it to the test today with the gym and running around with Luna at the dog park. It was almost unchanged by the end of the day. 


I did restyle for the sake of testing out this category. It performed as expected -- fruitless without water but possible with water yet unideal.


Full hard like any other gel-pomade.


Washes out with just water.


The endurance of this pomade makes Decoded Max Hold Pomade a considerable pomade -- even if it does do so by hardening like a gel. Reality is that outside the die-hard oil-based crowd, many actually prefer a gel-pomade over anything else because it's convenient. And this pomade is very convenient indeed. I would use this on days where I just don't have time to deal with any fuss and want my hair to stay in place all day.