Daimon Barber | Texture Clay

Daimon Barber | Texture Clay

We're back after some time, but with something that should be worth the wait. Years ago when I first started this blog, we looked at a new water-based pomade named Daimon Barber No. 1 -- it was a big hit. We later saw there No. 2 in the following year. Now, many years later, the Daimon Barber has expanded and proven to be the success of London.

Today, we'll be looking at their Texture Clay which was formerly known as the No. 4. 


As we've seen with many other brands (both within the hair pomade industry or not), everyone is updating their brands -- whether that be going sans serif, flattening their logos, etc. The new jars from Daimon Barber are moving in a similar direction. They already had a minimal logo since the beginning, but we can see their shift from hyper-italicized font and waxed labels to direct printing and 100% text-based design. It's a very nice jar.


The scent of this clay is fucking phenomenal. This 'fig and frankincense' is one of the most pleasant and complex aromas I've experienced with a hair product. There have been some crazy and kooky concoctions along with some artificial colognes, but this one is good enough to be my primary fragrance. On the daily, I'll cover up or allow the pomade fragrance to supplement my CDG Wonderwood, but Daimon Barber Texture Clay...I'd let it stand out.


Scooping out of the jar, it feels like Firsthand Supply Styling Clay. It's not as smooth as Arcadian Clay but no where as tough as Baxter of California Clay Pomade or Lockhart's Matte Clay. 


It also smears in one's palms very easily, but does get grippy in the hair. Texture Clay is similar to high|rise. in this manner, so be sure to not overestimate how much you apply each time. You can use your normal amount in total, but you'll want to evenly distribute the amount of several applications. This is prevent the experience from getting to grippy while still giving you the hold you need.


A solid notch below neutral. So, it's definitely matte and no visible particulates. 


This one is a little hard to describe. It's definitely a coarse type of texture, but the level of stickiness in this clay product is very minimal. Still, it is easy to just get separation of groups of hair follicles and keep it all clean. There's a dry tackiness that is unique to Texture Clay that keeps individual hairs from sticking to one another and at the same time, not letting them fall too far apart. 


The raw strength of this product is something like a medium-firm, but the minimal weight allows you to optimize the hold. 


This is one among the few rare clay pomades that you can both style a casually matte but clean pompadour or go with a loose and free pomp. Despite being a water-based product, it really relaxed my hair. As I've mentioned before, water-based products (because of the water content) tend to activate my hair and cause them to stand on end. This is a nightmare when trying to put down my sides. I have this issue with some of the damper clays we've seen. This one is definitely on the dry side and was absolutely magical when it came to getting my sides calmed and out of the way. Overall, control was very fucking good.


It was a windy day, but even despite this weather, I still believe Daimon Barber Texture Clay would be one of the more sensitive clay pomades I've used. It has good resistance to sunlight and heat that is worth notice. Nevertheless, the wind did quick work with it. The upside, as I would later find out while restyling it, is that this product remains almost exactly the same throughout the day. Just as dry. Just as tacky. And just as able to be reworked into a pomp.


Very easy. I would definitely suggest reworking it with a comb though unless you got the magic fingers to recreate a pomp on the go. I'll admit that even I don't have that skill. On another note, it was very easy to just finger-comb everything back to keep things presentable during the day. The biggest thing I care about is whether the product can help me prevent sideways flaring out. It can.


I was afraid that the dryness at the beginning of the day would increase throughout the day and make it uncomfortable. I was fortunately wrong and it was allllllllll good.


Washes out with just water.


Daimon Barber Texture Clay receives my seal of approval for its elegance. Admittedly, it's largely due to the smell. In my opinion, the fragrance alone is worth the purchase. I'm very serious when I say you need to experience the aroma of this pomade. On top of that, it performs in the necessary categories phenomenally with texture almost comparable to Arcadian Clay, styling characteristics like high|rise. but not as harsh,  and all while still remaining very clean.

If you're interested in Texture Clay or any of Daimon Barber's other products, we can provide you with promo code THEPOMP to save 10% off your order. Please do note that this is a SINGLE-USE promo code so use it wisely. But, if you find yourself in the situation where you need to restock, then find a friend and order together. They've finally established a warehouse here in the US, so rejoice for the faster (and cheaper) shipping options.