Halo Top | Pancakes & Waffles

Halo Top | Pancakes & Waffles

"Cutting is easy!" -- said nobody ever.

My first cut started in late-February and ended mid-June. In this short time, I was able to drop my body fat percentage from approximately 19% to 8.7% while still experiencing linear progression in all major compound lifts. Dropping approximately 2 percentage points of body fat per month or equivocally 3 lbs. of body fat per month is a relatively fast rate while still safely being within margin of preventing lean mass loss. This put me on a strict eating schedule.

But, the secret to keeping my sanity during this whole time was Halo Top. I love ice cream. As in, I go out for ice cream at least three times a week -- not including what I eat at home while Netflix-ing on my couch. Of all the light ice creams I've tried, this is the most satisfying one and most similar to normal ice cream.

Unlike other ice cream, Halo Top makes it possible to fit into a cutting schedule. Your typical pint of ice cream has a whopping 1000 calories, 84g of carbohydrates, 16g of protein, and 68g of fat. Halo Top has a fraction of this:

280 CALORIES   |   64g CARBOHYDRATES   |   20g PROTEIN   |   8g FAT

It makes it possible, with careful calculation that is, to fit Halo Top into your everyday schedule on a cut -- even the whole pint if you're a true fiend. Today, I want to share my current favorite flavor with you all which is Pancakes & Waffles.


Last week on one of my many trips to the local ice cream shops, I had the opportunity to try a Vanilla Crème Brûlée from Ici Ice Cream, a small-batch creamery in Berkeley. It was unbelievable -- sweet and smooth of custard but with a smoky bitterness from the burnt caramel. Halo Top's Pancakes & Waffles, though an entirely different flavor, has characteristics that embody the same ideas. The maple syrup flavor comes out very strong which makes it sweet yet rich. The general trends I've experience with light ice creams are that they tend to lack in flavor and creaminess when compared to normal ice cream. Pancakes & Waffles does a great job being full of flavor while not relying on absurd amounts of sugar.


Halo Top Ice Cream can be a bit icy sometimes. You're supposed to let it sit outside for a few minutes to allow the hardness to subside (which it usually does), but the iciness I'm referring to is distinct from that. Pancakes & Waffles doesn't have this issue, but at the same time, it's not the smoothest one they have -- that being Lemon Cake. 

There's also waffle bits in the ice cream! Yeah, it's not crunchy. I mean, they've been sitting in ice cream for a while. However, the bits are still significant enough to be texturally distinctive when you eat the ice cream. They definitely add another dimension to the pint.


Like fine wine, I think certain ice creams can be paired. I swear. You should try Pancakes & Waffles with blackberries or raspberries -- any type of berry with a slight bitter citrus taste. It adds complexity to the maple syrup's unique taste and plus, makes it like a true breakfast. To a lesser extent though, you can also pair this flavor with green apples, strawberries, or if you really have a sweet tooth, then you can't go wrong throwing in some chocolate or peanut butter.


This is the most important question whenever I try any of Halo Top's flavor, "Is this as good as real ice cream?" There are good flavors and other that fall far short -- we'll talk about those flavors as we try them. Pancakes & Waffles does one hell of a job standing up to traditional ice cream. Shit. I'd prefer this flavor over many of the basic flavor you can get from your standard supermarket. The richness of the maple syrup makes up for the lack of creaminess and the bits of waffle make it a full experience. 

If you're considering giving Halo Top a try, I'd definitely recommend picking up Pancakes & Waffles and starting off with one of the best flavors.