Halo Top | Rainbow Swirl

Halo Top | Rainbow Swirl

240 CALORIES   |   64g CARBOHYDRATES   |   20g PROTEIN   |   8g FAT

I'm sure like many others who purchased this flavor, I did it out of pure nostalgia. I grew up going to RiteAid and getting some Thrifty Ice Cream -- with that cylindrical scoop and cardboard cone. Every single time, I'd be seduced by the vibrant colors of the rainbow sorbet. I didn't like the flavor, but every time, I would pick it because the colors were crazy. 

This will be the first time I've had rainbow sherbet. I've always had the sorbet, and I never realized there was a difference between the two until now.


There's orange. Then magenta. And also green. That one is definitely their lime flavor which is also my least favorite flavor in the rainbow sorbet trio. But, in this rainbow sherbet group, the creaminess of the milk really changes the flavor dramatically. Also, Halo Top tends to make things more sweet than sour. This makes it really taste like Hi-Chew -- that's a huge compliment. The magenta is raspberry and a solid flavor. The orange might be orange but to me, it tastes a lot like mango. The golden kind. You can bet the orange swirl disappeared in no time.


I've noticed that Halo Top's fruit flavors tend to be very smooth -- a little more than usual. It's like a halfway between good ice cream and a soft serve. It isn't thick or as dense for high quality ice cream, but it isn't as wet as soft serve.


Eat this one on its own.


It's a great flavor. Whether it because I expected something else or I had expected to be utterly disappointed as I once was as a kid, I was surprised. The richness from the milk aspect completely changes the way the fruit flavors taste. This is the only flavor where I almost ate the whole jar before I realized I needed to take more pictures of it. It's definitely one of the easiest flavors to eat.