Halo Top | Mochi Green Tea

Halo Top | Mochi Green Tea

320 CALORIES   |   64g CARBOHYDRATES   |   20g PROTEIN   |   8g FAT

I was super excited to try this flavor because, at least from my understanding, creating a powerful green tea doesn't necessarily come at the cost of overloading it on sugar. While I'm not a crazy fan of green tea (or any other type of tea), I can definitely appreciate it in the form of ice cream -- subtly sweet with a strong and slightly savory herbal taste. Unfortunately, Halo Top's Mochi Green Tea is much stronger with the mochi aspect than the green tea.


If you hadn't told me that this was a green tea flavored ice cream, I would have just described this as the little green marshmallows in those multi-colored marshmallow packs from childhood. It's only the mochi flavor that really comes through. And yes, it really does taste like mochi. I just wish it was super strong with green tea.


The feel of the ice cream is smoother than some of the other Halo Top flavors. There's also supposed to be little bits of mochi in there, but I say supposed because I haven't found any. I definitely taste the flavor of mochi, but I can't say I've felt the chewiness of any mochi bits. SIKE. I literally just found a piece (as I'm now writing this reviewing) and it is a huge ass piece --  very satisfying and a good addition. Mochi is definitely still chewy.


The flavor is unquestionably on the sweet side. I'm tempted to cut it with some freshly brewed green tea. Or...actually some coffee would be good. 


If you got a real sugar tooth, then you'd probably really like this. Or if you have a thing for marshmallow, then this is perfect. However, I don't have a sugar tooth, so this sweetness is overbearing and making it difficult to even taste green tea. Nevertheless, I'll be digging through for bits of mochi because they are pretty damn satisfying.