Shear Revival | Northern Lights

Shear Revival | Northern Lights

Like many of you, I was very excited for this release. And also, like many of you who have purchased it, I was very pleased with the results. We've seen Matte Paste products being offered by at least two other homebrewed labels: Empire Apothecary and O'Douds. Now, Shear Revival has released their own through Northern Lights and damn is it a good one.


A lot of brands have gone through face lifts and nip/tucks; however, Shear Revival is one of the few that have strongly kept the same look through all this time. Yes, they've changed the ink here and there -- slight changes to the digital branding. The jars have nevertheless remained consistent and clean. Northern Lights is no different -- beautifully drawn in outline-less simplicity. 


Officially, it's citrus with oak moss and sage, but to me, this unquestionably smells like rainbow sorbet. No joke. Try it for yourself.


This is probably one of more obvious differences between a pomade and a paste. Well -- at least -- it was before these homebrewers went and created water-based pomades. Now, it's hard to draw a line between the two. It's smooth and softer than Crystal Lake while also lacking the grittiness found in clay pomades. 


I've learned this one is best applied (and for best performance) to dry hair. It tends to grip more intensely with wet or even damp hair. Take small scoops and apply evenly without issue. Take huge scoops with damp hair and cry.


Perfectly neutral. 


Zachary did a great job here. I think he definitely engaged a bit of his experience in being a hair stylist in the salon industry to really pinpoint the texture. It's dry and coarse, yet there is a dry pastiness to the paste which helps to keep overall form and stray hairs from forming. It lends to a very lovely naturalness and potential texture that is completely optional. You can style a clean pomp or a loose textured one.


A lot more than expected. This product is advertised as a medium/firm hold, but I would definitely describe it as purely a firm hold paste. The volume you can get out of this product is very impressive.


There is literally nothing working against you here. Style quick and high.


It's obviously not a brick wall, but it's better than I expected from a paste and even compared to strong clay pomades. Today was a realistic test for what one would expect from a normal day in the office or walking around at school. Things shifted but never got messed up.


I restyled it throughout the day anyways to see how it felt, and it's very cool. Difference between restyling during the day and initially in the morning are very minimal. I could still get shit loads of volume and maintain the shape without a challenge.


Not while it's in the hair. However, I do want to mention that it feels slightly dry once you wash it out. It's nothing crazy, but it was significant enough for me to just notice it.


Just add water.


Shear Revival kills it once again. They followed the path of a few homebrewers in creating a matte paste; however, Zachary was able to draw from his experience in the salon industry which is something many other homebrewers cannot. From that, it was able to get even closer to what that market has to offer while still embodying the advantages we have here and catering to our unique needs. Northern Lights is clearly the best matte paste our there for tall pompadours. Others may be softer and lighter, but this baby is straight power. I give it my Seal of Approval.

If you're interested, Northern Lights recently dropped on the Shear Revival website (11/24) and you can use our promo code THEPOMP to save a bit of money off your order. Enjoy.