Ace High | Blue Suede

Ace High | Blue Suede

A few months ago, we were introduced to a new homebrewing label called Ace High Company. It was honestly their clean design work that attracted me and what made me agree to take a look at what they have to offer. Their Original Pomade was phenomenal, so let's see what they have to offer through the new Blue Suede Clay.


On point. Consistent with their original jar but the blue is a nice touch. The attempt to match the label ink to the blue lid is awesome, but to be precise, you can always expect printed ink to end up significantly darker than digitally on screen. You can see it in action here with this jar.


The fragrance is formally orange peel and eucalyptus. To me, it smells exactly like sour gummy worms. No joke. 


Similar to their original pomade, the consistency of the Clay is surprising smooth. It's like a paste. 


But once you begin to agitate it in your palms, a super strong grip sensation comes out of nowhere. You'll feel it in your palms and even more so as you apply it to your hair. Yes, I am on the sensitive side when it comes to these things, but I want to be very clear when I say there's some serious grip with Blue Suede. Apply in small amounts or you will regret it.


Slight satin. It is a beautiful finish.


The texture is primarily coarse but extends slightly into the fine side of things. As you can see in the photos, there were some strays formed, but they were manageably contained and thrown back into the mix. 


Not as strong as I expected. With all the grip that I felt during the application process, I would have expected this to be one of the strongest products we've used. I would put it at a straight firm.


If one were able to apply this product evenly through the hair, it would be an easy process. However, the intense grip makes it difficult to get the clay deep into your hair to form a foundation for your pomp. Even still, it's manageable.


Today was a true test that no pomade could survive. Rainy. Windy. Nevertheless, Blue Suede reacted unexpectedly to the added moisture. I guess it does make sense given this is a water-based product; however, it was to an unexpected degree that the water lightened up the product in my hair. Once my hair dried a bit, it felt light and as though it barely had any product in it. (It must be also said that it didn't feel like the product melted onto my face.)


Restyling was still very much possible. Volume was difficult to regain and texture became even finer.


Nope. Not at all.


Literally just add water. However, it can leave a bit of a dry feeling.


While being a functionally adequate product, there are a few inconveniences that come with Blue Suede. Specifically, the grip is discomforting to work with and especially with fine hair like mine. I believe a product like this would be best used by someone who only needs very minimal amounts of product to style or anyone who is accustomed to traditional paste products.

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