Daimon Barber | Forming Cream

Today, we're back to exploring the new products from Daimon Barber with their Forming Cream which is advertised to be medium hold, matte finish, and a natural textured look. This sounds a lot like what Layrite Natural Matte Cream aimed to be and something like a lighter version of the paste pomades recently released from O'Douds and Shear Revival. What we hope to find is something that is medium hold, lightweight, neutral finish, coarse texture, but most importantly, it needs to stay pliable.


Clean as always. It's a minimalist and purely text-based design with a few icons. There's direct printing to the jar and an adhesive label on the lid. All on a glass jar with 100 grams of product inside.


Same as their Fixing Pomade which is an Oudh and Egyptian Mallow mixture. In plain English, it's a nice cologne scent with slight spicy herbalness to it. Very nice.


It's straight up like lotion. This is probably the softest product I've ever scooped out of a jar. 


Applying the cream to your hair is initially smooth but will begin to dry after a minute or so. That will also affect the smoothness of each sequential application. My overall advice with this product would be to (not do what I did and) apply quickly and to towel-dried hair. 


Straight up matte and without any particulates.


Think Arcadian clay except without the stickiness. That provides texture across the entire spectrum from coarse to fine.


A medium to light. Once the product begins to harden, it'll be a medium, but the more you work with it, the more it loses its strength -- similar to a gel-pomade.


The lack of stickiness and hold makes it difficult to control with my long hair. I imagine it being a lot more manageable with short hair -- especially thick and wavy/curly hair. While it is a very light product, it's easy to get vertical shape but difficult to keep things together horizontally. In other words, it's hard to form a pomp that doesn't begin to fall apart sideways.


My hair fell apart in under an hour. Though we expect something along these lines, this is significantly more than a standard paste pomade. It's the lack of stickiness or pastiness that makes it difficult to keep things together. Alternatively, with shorter hairstyles, this would likely not be as much of an issue.


Possible but with water. The challenge is similar to the endurance/resilience issue where the lack of stickiness (i.e. from beeswax) makes it near impossible to restyle without water.


Begins to harden like a gel-pomade late into the first hour.


A tad bit.


Just add water. Your hair may feel a bit dry after rinsing out.


While it's definitely not a good match for my hair length, it is more than comparable to Layrite Natural Matte Cream. In fact, I would consider it slightly more effective and way better smelling than that product. The advantages of Daimon Barber Forming Cream is its super light weight, dry hold, and high level of texture. This disadvantage is that you need the right hair to match it.

If it sounds like something that might fit your needs, then feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money on your order.