Daimon Barber | Texture Tonic

Daimon Barber | Texture Tonic

I've tried out a handful of tonics and had many more used on me by various barbers I've worked with. Before this, I had the most success with the Layrite Grooming Spray but only as a primer to help set it a light styling product. Even the tonics from Reuzel have done even less for me. None of which have been capable of styling my hair as a standalone -- with fine and long hair, this is the ultimate test. The Daimon Barber Texture Tonic is the first and currently, the only tonic that I can use to successfully style a textured pomp. 


While this style of labeling has played well for Daimon Barber with their glass jars, I think it doesn't do justice to this plastic spray bottle -- especially with the drastic change in proportions. I still think (within this niche market at least) Layrite does the best job designing their bottles. I think either a thicker plastic or glass would be nice, but a non-radially symmetric form is crucial. It just feels better in your hands that way. 

On a more practical note, it's 100mL of tonic (which would also make it one of the priciest sprays on the market). But hey, that why we worked with them to get you guys a promo code.


Like many of their pomades, this scent is oudh and Egyptian mallow. As I've mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of the fragrances Daimon Barber brings to the table. They're all phenomenal and very elegant. Plus, as a spray, it makes the scent all the more potent.


If you have thicker or wavy hair that has natural volume to it, then you can probably get away with their recommended dosage. But if you have fine, straight, and (very) long hair like mine, then you'll have to multiply that dosage by some to use standalone. Either way you go, it's very easy. Lift your hair and spray. The drying time with this tonic is on the range of 5-10 minutes and even more if you're applying to damp hair, so there's no need to rush. 


If you blow dry like I did in the morning or continually agitate it to style, then it'll be a neutral finish. If you allow it to sit and set, then you'll have a very slight shine -- similar to a gel-pomade.


It goes across the full range. You'll get some areas of coarse texture and the overworked areas will experience fine texture. It's honestly some very aesthetic texture. You should be able to somewhat hone in on the type of texture you want by also mediating how much you work certain areas. Hit it with another spray if you find yourself with too much texture in an area.


The amount of volume I was able to achieve was very surprising. Don't get it confused with the type of strength or hold you get from a normal pomade. I've provided you guys with the top view of my hair, so you can see how it falls. You have the ability to style and layer a beautiful pomp, but understand your hair is always in-play with a spray or tonic.


There is no other spray or tonic that I have been able to style a pomp as a standalone. That fact should fully comment on how much control I got from this spray.


Obviously poor. Why would you ever expect a spray to last the whole day? But! What we hope is to keep some sort of form for a few hours and that's what we get here. You should be able to hold onto the shape for 2-3 hours WITHOUT windy or rainy weather. 


Within the first few hours, just run your fingers through your hair again. That should get things back in order and is also always easy to do. Late into the day, hit it with another spray or two to revitalize things. If you can't, then you should still be able to at least keep things out of your face with just finger combing.


Nope. My hair feels fucking great.


If you let it sit and dry, then you can experience some hardness which may or may not be beneficial for you.


Just add water. Super easy.


I love this spray. It's what I use on weekends when I'm out for some errands or headed to the gym for a few hours. I prefer to give my hair some rest over the weekend when I don't have reviews, and this is the perfect way to do it. I can still keep it beautifully formed but without some sort of goop in my hair. The Daimon Barber Texture Tonic is also the only spray I can use as a standalone. Because of that and also its amazing aroma, I give it my seal of approval.

If you're interested, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some significant money on your order with Daimon Barber.