Templeton Tonics | Summit

It's been a while since we've looked at a normal pomade -- as in, something that can style a clean and slick pomp. So, today we'll be looking at one of those through Summit by Templeton Tonics which is a firm-hold, water-based pomade. My hair hasn't looked this good in a longgg minute.


While not in my taste, it has been done well. It's got a Skyrim meets Celtic feel. The font definitely reads modernized Celtic to me while the graphics are heavy with cold outdoors. In this case, it's a reference to its Pacific Northwest origins but all that just reminds me of the Skyrim world. The jar itself is plastic with a thin, metal lid. Adhesive labeling all around.


I don't know the official scent of my particular jar (because you can choose which one you want) but I'd guess it's their Trailhead one. The fir needles come out pretty strong but not overbearing. There's many pomades that have the outdoorsy aroma, but Templeton Tonics definitely does a better job than most with it. The aroma feels a lot more real than others.


When scooping from the jar, the consistency feels a bit tough and waxy. It's not difficult to push and break through the surface, but it's not a smooth and creamy experience. Lol. Phrasing.


Once you agitate it in your hands, the feel of the pomade completely changes into a smooth oily paste. Applying it into your hair is also super easy. You won't have any issue with it. It feels more like a light-medium, oil-based pomade.


This is the shiniest product I've used in a long time. It's about 2-3 notches above neutral. So, it's a definite artificial shine but still in moderation.


It was surprisingly not as slick as I expected. There's just enough slickness to keep your clean pomp together but not enough to make your head into a greasy shell.


It's marketed as a firm hold pomade, but I would describe it more as a medium-firm. That's not to say it was not strong enough. The amount of volume I achieved with Summit was very substantial. 


Phenomenal. Fucking phenomenal. I think the pictures speak for themselves.


While it's not impervious to the elements, Summit did a great job keeping my hair in shape through the whole day. It may not feel like a firm hold pomade, but it did a solid job.


Amazing. The volume was all still there. The shine might have dropped a notch but aside from that, it's very impressive.


Not at all. I was afraid of this when I was applying the product. It felt like this would be an issue but I'm glad it wasn't.




Shampoo will make it easier. There will be a little resistance if you try to only use water.


Summit receive my seal of approval. No question. Though I think the photos should speak for themselves, this pomade performed phenomenally. My hair has not looked this good in a while. It does a fantastic job maintaining ALL the accolades of an oil-based pomade while being convenient and comfortable.