Craigmont | Pomade Cream

Craigmont | Pomade Cream

We've explored a few labels out of Canada, but I think only one of them have been a homebrewer -- the rest have been lab-cooked brands. Craigmont is a new brand created by a team of brothers who definitely have a much better eye for design than their Canadian counterparts. I'm a sucker for good design. Plus, Zachary had nothing but good things to say about them, so I made an effort to give them a try.

Today, we'll look at their Pomade Cream which is advertised to be a balanced medium hold, medium shine, and medium everything pomade. We've been looking at a lot of strong products or far end of the spectrum pomades. Given our times here in the US, I figured it'd be good to moderate a bit (and also, try to share some foreign products before they become illegal by courtesy of Trump). 


I love the design work. It's very minimal and truly does well accompanying the pomade. Craigmont also did a great job making the plastic jar work. Yes, it doesn't have the same weight as glass, but the jar-lid combination make the package look very clean. It's important for labels to never underestimate how much the design affects how the user perceives the product. I would recommend considering matte labels -- though there is a slight gloss on everything right now that flows.


Officially, the scent is a woodsy base with citrus and spice notes. However, being sick right now, I'm mostly picking up the citrus and definitely the spice. It's a pleasant scent that reminds me of O'Douds but much lighter and less bite.


People often compare product consistency to be like butter or like cream. This product isn't like a butter or cream. It literally is a cream. This reminds me of the consistency of whipped cream cheese. (Oh man. Back to those childhood days when I could eat shit like that.) This is the smoothest consistency I have ever experienced with any pomade.


As easy as its consistency is smooth. It will get noticeably thicker as you agitate it in your hands but not enough to disrupt the application process. You'll be able to apply this product wherever you need it. That's especially important with a light-medium hold product like this where you have to be efficient.


Just a tad above neutral. 


This is the slickest pomade we've used in a while. It's not to say its super greasy or overly slick. You definitely won't have any issues capturing all your strays with this one, and your pomp will look very clean and cohesive.


As you apply more product, you'll get more hold but plateau out at a medium or so. This is not (nor was it ever advertised as) as strong hold pomade. This is one of those balanced pomades that seeks to only provide you with as much hold as you need. If you have the skill and an ideal hair type, then you'll have just enough to work with.


It's nice to be working with a slick water-based again. And yes, Craigmont Pomade Cream is a real pleasure to work with because when you're done, you'll know that you've done good work. 


It's not a resilient pomade. It'll likely fall apart during the day, but there's a unique aesthetic to it. I'm sure others who have used this pomade will agree, but it still looks good loose even though it's not a clay. If you got the confidence, you can rock it.


It's definitely easy to restyle a lower pomp with this product. You'll lose some volume, but your hair stays soft and feels good.


Not at all.


Just add water.


If you were a fan of the original Crystal Lake formula, then you'll be happy to know there is a new contender around -- with better consistency, less greasiness, and an overall refinement. Creating a super strong pomade can be achieve with brute force, but creating a balanced product like this takes craftsmanship. I guess the best way to describe this one is it's a choice for the experienced user who knows about the finer things. 

If you're interested, we often our promo code THEPOMP to help you save a bit when ordering direct and supporting small businesses like Craigmont.