Flagship | Steel Horse Water Based

Flagship | Steel Horse Water Based

Flagship created the Steel Horse line in order to offer a unique strain of products different from their standard line. Today, we'll be looking at their new water-based pomade, which released only a few weeks ago. The Steel Horse Water Based Pomade promises a medium-firm hold and a different approach.


Flagship seems to switch up their label design every once in a while, and it looks like Steel Horse is now different. The label represents an old-fashioned train ticket. The jar itself is the standard amber glass 4 ouncer with metal lid.


The advertised scent is coffee and tobacco. To me, it straight up smells like coffee and milk. It's a pleasant aroma and actually very nostalgic for me, but whether it's something you or I would like to smell throughout the day is another question. The aroma is strong out of the jar but surprisingly light in the hair and doesn't persist at all.


It was thick and dry, in a way. Like, you can roll it up into a ball.


Strangely, when you start to agitate the product in your palms, it turns into a really soft paste that is reminiscent of how oil-based pomades feel. (And this would be the first hint of how remarkably similar this water-based pomade is to a grease in regard to performance).


Enough shine to show but not enough blind your neighbors.


This is the slickest pomade we've used in a long time. It styles like an oil-based pomade. The way my hair looks when slicking it back and the way the pomp is formed -- this all mimicked a grease. It was crazy. You'll have to watch the videos to see what I'm talking about.


It's a straight medium.


If you can style with a medium or firm hold grease, then you will find Steel Horse WB vey familiar. Think something a little lighter in weight than Goon Grease.


The endurance was as you would expect from a medium or firm oil-based, which is not very resilient. The never-ending softness makes it very susceptible to falling apart.


The pomade remains soft to rework, but it's difficult to gain back the hold.


There is a stiffness that is reminiscent of how wax stiffens in greases, but it's not to say it hardens in any way like a gel-pomade at all.


Because it's the shea butter that makes the way it feels, it isn't all greasy and what not.


Washes out easily in one go.


So far, this is the water-based pomade that is most like an oil-based in regard to its performance. Basically before you apply it and as you wash it out, this pomade is like the water-based pomades we've all seen. But in your hair, you can basically style and assume it's an oil-based without the same level of greasiness. So, if you love oil-based pomades but want to try out water-based ones, then this would great choice. Or, if you're not having luck with any water-based pomade but did with oil-based ones, then this would also be a must-try for you.

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