Firsthand | Water Based Pomade

It's been a long time away, but I'm finally back. It seems my job search has come to an end, and next week will be full of negotiating the offer. That means I can rededicate my spare time to checking out what the pomade market has and sharing with you all what I believe to be noteworthy. Today's pomade is another one of those homebrews that Zachary recommended to me. 

Firsthand Supply Company is a small homebrewer out of Massachusetts and Water Based Pomade is currently their one and only hair pomade. Though, with a product like this, I don't think they need any additions to their line. Let me tell you why. 


The design aesthetic follows in line with the general handmade or craft feel of many small brands nowadays. The illustrations are well made and the font work is clean and simple. Color choices also all flow with one another. From a more practical point of view, this is a 4 oz. amber plastic jar with metal lid. Labels are printed on matte paper and there doesn't seem to be any coating -- giving it a unique feel.


The first time I sniffed this pomade, it reminded me of Arcadian Clay Pomade right away. That's because they both use a strong bay rum scent base. Personally, this just reminds me of baby powder mixed with some aftershave. It's strong out of the jar, but definitely fades to lightness in the hair.


No fucking joke. This pomade feels like a cream. As you'll see later in the photos, the styling performance is remarkable which makes it difficult for me to grasp how such a strong product can be so easy to scoop. You literally put almost no force and it scoops out like yogurt. 


When the product touches your hair, the consistency quickly changes. The water seems to disappear and the wax really presents itself. It becomes very grippy and potentially discomforting if your hair is on the sensitive side. However, I promise you that this is worth it because you'll need this grip to style later on.


Neutral. You could even argue that it's slightly matte. 


It's only slick enough to hold general shapes like the overall spherical shape of the pomp. You'll have to consciously watch out for and catch any strays if you're trying to keep a clean pomp. Do note that the neutral finish and restrained slickness makes it a highly versatile pomade.


This is a strong pomade, but it doesn't garner it's strong hold from brute force. What I mean is that it's a strong pomade because it's very efficient. Any hold that is present is fully utilizable. I haven't had this much volume in my pomp for a very long time. All the while, it feels weightless.


Top notch. The grittiness and high wax content really lets the hair stay where you want to be sit or stand. Plus, that statement stands despite whether you're trying to style a clean or textured pomp. 


You're unlikely to mess up your pomp during the day with this pomade, but I won't say it's impossible. It's a balance. The high wax content keeps its stiff enough to survive the day, but it's not a hard shell that will awkwardly keep shape in a convertible. In regards to heat, it does extremely well against the heat and sun.


The characteristic I am most grateful in regard to restyling with this pomade is the amount of volume you hold onto throughout the day. You can restyle it all back into a tall and beautifully shaped pomp. 


Doesn't harden at all. You'll experience slight settling with the wax, but that's the same thing you see with oil-based pomades with high wax content.


Not at all.


Washes out in one go.


No question. Firsthand Water Based Pomade receives my Seal of Approval. There is absolutely no other pomade that has as creamy of a consistency with as strong styling performance. Trust me. When you try it out, you'll be left wondering how that all happened. How did this yogurt style my pomp so high? I believe this pomade is a must-have. And I do wanna say this, expect it to be sold out.