Anchors Aweigh | Courage Clay

Anchors Aweigh | Courage Clay

Some time ago, Anchors Aweigh Hair Co. finally released a clay product with Courage Clay. I've always wonder what it would be like to put a little bit of a clay into their Teddy Boy Matte. They have one of the most unique water-based formulas that only until recently was there something comparable in the market. I'm talking about the unique creaminess of their formula.

Now, the Courage Clay is a matte hair clay. I'd describe it as a matte clay paste -- I'll tell you why.


Before any of you ask -- yes, Anchors Hair Company changed their name to Anchors Aweigh Hair Company. But anyways, their latest addition keeps consistent with the rest of their line in regards to the design aesthetic. I believe I mentioned it before that it's not aligned with my taste in design, but one can't help admiring their consistency. 

The jar itself is a 4 oz. clear plastic with white metal lid. The label seems to be clear vinyl, and I do want to mention this: they did a very clean job applying the label. The reason why I've given up on clear labels is because they always bubble up and can't compare to printing directly onto the jar. This is one of the cleanest instances of clear labels on clear jars I've seen.


Officially, it's sweet tobacco cedar. To me, it smells cologne-esque with a sweet tartiness. 


Despite the clay aspect, the pomade still feels like Teddy Boy Matte. I hope they never lose that creaminess I also expect from an Anchors water-based product.


The clay comes out a bit here, but it's not the slight grittiness I'm talking about. The clay causes the product to dry out quickly and let the hold come out. You'll notice it as you apply the product.


I'd definitely say it's a notch under neutral. You'll definitely get a matte effect out of this product.


Now -- a year deep into our experience with clays -- I've seen two types of textures. Until I come up with some better words to describe them, we'll refer to one as pasty and the only as frizzy. You should already be familiar with my designation of coarse and fine texture. Pasty texture (i.e. Lockhart's Matte Clay) provides only coarse texture by subtly balancing between stickiness and separation. Frizzy texture is (i.e. Layrite Natural Matte Cream) no-holds-barred, all-out, unrestrained texture on all levels. There's no right or wrong -- merely preference. 

Courage Clay pushes more towards the frizzy texture end of the spectrum -- as done others such as Arcadian Clay Pomade. You'll get texture on every plane of your existence. So, it's important to learn to appreciate it and work with it, rather than be fearful of it.


I'd imagine the hold in this product in is formulated in the range of Teddy Boy Original. However, with the clay presence, you'll find it more available this time around. What I mean is the clay helps to get the moisture out and let you use the wax more effectively.


Overall, the control is above average. The only challenge I'd expect you to face is dealing with the texture -- don't fight it bruh, just let it get in there. 


This is not a resilient pomade, and to be honest, none of their products are. I don't think they were meant to be. Being the first to create a non-drying water-based pomade, the ideal is that your hair is free to move throughout the day.

With your hair in a loose pomp and texture in all types of ways, it'll easily get messed up for sure. Learn to embrace it.


You'll lose some of the volume. I don't question that. Upside is that the texture and feel you experience in the morning won't go away. The same texture will be there for you the rest of the day. This is in comparison to other similar products like Layrite Natural Matte Cream which gets dry and uncomfortable after a few hours. This doesn't.


Not at all.


Nope. Nothing more than how it feels in the morning to get the matte effect.


Only water and once needed.


Courage Clay receives my seal of approval -- not necessarily as a clay pomade but as a clay and paste/cream. I want to make this point because recently, in the last half-year or so, a lot of companies have been pushing out similar matte creams via cosmetic labs. They all perform adequately but lack in many ways. Courage Clay is like what Layrite Natural Matte Cream should have been. It has better texture, more volume, yet is also creamier.

If you're looking for a creamy texturizer that feel light but gives good clean volume, then Courage Clay is a damn good choice.

As always, we provide our readers with promo code THEPOMP to save some money off their order as long as they buy direct from Anchors Aweigh Hair Company. It makes a difference. Support small businesses and they'll keep giving us great products.