Craigmont | Pomade Paste

Craigmont | Pomade Paste

Today, we're back to finish off the Craigmont line with their Pomade Paste -- No. 2 out of two and what I consider to be the best of the two. Do note though that the name should not cause the product to be confused with paste and paste pomades like we discussed last week. This is simply the naming convention Craigmont chose -- the medium being a cream and the stronger being a paste.


The design work is always very clean from Craigmont, which is what got me interested in them initially. No lie. It's one of the biggest factors when I decide whether or not to review label's products. The minimalist design is on point and consistent. On a more practical note, it's a 4 ounce gloss-black plastic jar and lid.


Officially, it's a woodsy scent with hints of citrus. To me, this combines into a pine needle kind of scent but without the bite or spice of piney aromas. I actually really like it. 


It has a dry foamy type of feel that reminds me a lot of the original O'Douds Water Based formula. Damn. What a throwback. However, unlike that formula, it is slightly drier and spreads effortlessly. I guess a good way to describe it would be whipped cream cheese that sat out to dry for a few minutes.


Very easy. The pomade breaks down effortlessly in your palms, and there is very little grip even once it goes into your hair.


A notch above neutral. Present but subtle.


It's been a while since I've used a slick pomade and it's very enjoyable. You'll have no problems slick back all your hairs and keeping everything very clean. 


I would put this somewhere being a strong and medium. It's above average, but I honestly wouldn't say it's even firm.


The pomade is very easy to style with, and you can really see this proven in the video. Moderated slickness with balanced hold makes it intuitive to use while also allow the hair some movement to shape itself. It's this not-overdone level of control that allows beautiful shape.


It has a little bit of resilience, but serious physical activity will shake up your pomp. At the same time, it's this softness that makes your hair feel great and not a helmet in the wind.


I was very surprised with how much volume I was able to retain throughout the day. Even when my hair got really messed up, I was able to restyle it into a very well shaped and tall pomp.






One wash with just water.


We've seen a lot of water-based pomades by now, and compared to it all, this pomade does not break any new ground. Yet, it is a beautifully crafted pomade that leaves me wanting nothing more out of it. Because of this, it receives my seal of approval. While we admire products with one or two very unique characteristics, I think we must pay homage to those that are simply well-balanced.

If you're interested, we provide promo code THEPOMP to save on all your orders with Craigmont as long as you buy direct. So, support small business and pomp well.