Ace High | Original Pomade

It's been a real long minute since the last time we reviewed a pomade. Time has become a delicacy, but at least, you'll be glad to know that the only pomades you'll hear about from me are the ones worth knowing. Ace High Co. is one of those few that I think you should really know about.

They're a new homebrewing label out of Michigan, and recently, they formulated a new water-based formula. I had to admit that this is one of the most unique water-based formulas I've ever used. It would probably be more accurately described as a paste pomade.


This is what got me to agree to reviewing this pomade in the first place. The design style is very clean and minimal. In combination with the product photography, it makes a visually appealing brand and line of products to consider. With regard to this product, the goop comes in a nice clear glass jar and one that we haven't seen before. The red lid is metal with a matching red matte vinyl label.


Officially, the scent of this pomade is supposed to be woodsy. But honestly, it reminds me exactly of cough syrup -- sweet menthol. I'm probably confusing the menthol with a pinesy-kinda smell, but whatever. Either way, it's nice in that it's unique. A lot of brands go for a woodsy-forest aroma which causes them to all smell alike. 


Before this review, Firsthand Supply Co.'s WB Pomade would be the smoothest pomade with the strongest hold. However, Ace High Co.'s Original Pomade blew that one out of the water. Just look at the picture. This pomade is literally just like a lotion, but the hold and grip is unbelievable. 


While it feels like Brylcreem in your hands, it turns into Layrite Cement Clay in your hair. Yes. That is pretty fucking amazing. If you're hair is very fine like mine, you'll definitely want to be smart about where you start applying because it'll stay where it touches. That might be a slight inconvenience now, but you'll be grateful for it once you start styling.




Despite being neutral in shine and very strong, the pomade is still very slick. You'll have a minimal amount of stray hairs. You can consider an oil-based topper if you'd like to get it even slicker, or if you'd like some texture, you can add some clay to texture it up. The slickness and weight lends towards a slicker look, but you can go either way if you really want.


It is surprisingly strong. Trust me. You'll have a mind-bending moment when you scoop out the pomade and when you apply it to your hair. It's very grippy, which is reminiscent of waxier pomades but also dense like traditional oil-based pomades.


With this much strength, your hair will go where you want and stay where you put it. This makes it a easy to use pomade if you're looking to style a clean pomp. If you want a slightly looser or more natural look, you can achieve it just as easily with this pomade, but you'll want to limit the amount of pomade you use.


This was no surprise. It's been a while since I've had such a strong pomade in my hair and with it's firm-heavy weight, you'd definitely expect it to survive most (if not the entire) day. 


Even if it does get messed up, the product remains active and easy for you to restyle with. Most of the strength remains and you can maintain good volume for the entire day.


Not at all.


Nope. Gets even softer throughout the day.


Takes a good scrubbing, but it comes out in one shower.


I highly recommended trying out this pomade. Ace High Co.'s Original Pomade is a good example of what is possible with water-based formulas. Though the consistency and strength of a pomade are undoubtedly related, you can go pretty far to make a pomade feel like a lotion but style with insane hold. We haven't not seen another water-based pomade that better exemplifies this concept.

If you're interested, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money when ordering direct from Ace High Company. Remember to support these awesome homebrewers by buying directly from them.