The Red House | Oil Based Firm Hold

Today, we have a rare opportunity to take a step back to traditional oil-based pomades with The Red House. They recently released a few new products ranging from conventional oil-based products to a new matte clay. We'll be looking at their 


The design is clean and simple with their logo as the centerpiece. This is as expected from The Red House. The cool thing is that they use a different tin can from most other brands. It's much stiffer and has a nice gunmetal-esque finish with 3.75 ounces of pomade.


The Red House consistently have a sweet and herbal smell across their entire line that is often reminiscent of bourbon. This one smells like vanilla and cinnamon.


The pomade is surprisingly smooth and petroleum-like feel. This is in comparison to other firm hold pomades and what we would expect from a waxier product.  


Because of the consistency, applying the product is very easy. Plus, it's been a while since we've looked at an oil-based pomade and in comparison to clays, it's super easy.


There's definitely shine to this pomade and it's been average compared to most of the oil-based pomades we've seen. This is good because it's not excessive while still being very present.


Yes. Of course. It's a slick enough to keep everything together and push you to style a clean pomp. A lot of this aspect is derived from the stickiness we noticed in its consistency. This is notably different from other oil-based pomades that rely on slickness derived from oils.


In all honesty, the strength less than I expected from a firm hold pomade but in accordance with the high petrolatum content we noticed with the consistency. I would describe it as a medium-firm hold level of strength. 


Despite the lower-than-expected strength, this leaves us with a more balanced pomade. It ends up being a very familiar product to use. The height is easy to get, but the weight of the petrolatum made it slightly more difficult to get forward movement with my pomp.


We put it through some real testing today at the beach, and it definitely fell apart from the heat. Six hours in the Sun hastened the process of oils being absorbed into my hair and the product simply melting. Though this is a pretty normal reaction for most hair products, we would expect an oil-based pomade to do slightly better against it -- especially if it's a firm-hold product.


If your hair gets messed up like mine and you can't restyle it mid-day, then oil-based pomades (including this one) will cause your hair to adopt the messed up shape. However, as you can see in the photos, I was surprised to even be able to get something even reminiscent of a pomp. You'll lose a lot of the volume through the day, but you can always restyle with this pomade.


It's clean. Even with all the sun and melting products, it never felt greasy. 


It'll normally take two to three showers to remove, but in my case where the Sun already melted most of it, you can get most out with a shower.


The Red House Oil Based Firm Hold Pomade doesn't break any barriers or go beyond the box that defines what we already know to be a traditional grease. But then again, were we expecting anything different? You're probably reading this review because you're looking for a traditional pomade and that's makes this pomade a reasonable option. Though it's not revolutionary, it's gets a few points down well like it's cleanliness and balanced aspects as long as you don't need a high level of strength or heat resistance.

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