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You all should be very excited right now. It's been a long time since O'Douds has released new products to their permanent collection, and I'm happy to be one of the first to tell you that the wait has been justified. Today, we'll be looking into their most unique addition -- Matte Paste. It's a product that's advertised as light but strong and unnaturally natural looking.


O'Douds -- along with Shear Revival -- are my favorites when it comes to the design of their jars. I believe both labels outsource their design work to a third-party but each has been their trust in talented hands. This jar is fucking beautiful. Subtly minimal typeface mixed with craftsmen-esque style illustrations make for an All-American aesthetic. Lastly, it's all printed with limited edition metallic ink. Mmm -- finger-licking good.


What else would you expect from O'Douds but some herbal mixes. Similar to many of the other products, it's a mix of cedar and citrus but nevertheless, distinct from the others. This one reminds me of the Home Depot lumber aisle when you open the jar. Then a few seconds later, it gets a bit florally and loses the bite.


It's like a wet cream. Funny though -- it actually reminds me a lot of the first Water Based formula. Obviously, this one breaks down easily, but I'm talking about the wetness.


Most of the paste products we've looked at so far seem to dry quickly and become very frustrating to apply -- almost like you were applying half-dried Suavecito. O'Douds Matte Paste is the first exception we've seen. This product applies more like a smooth clay where it still dries but doesn't become super grippy. It also seems to have a unique bounce when combing which suggesting it's extremely light weight.


Slightly matte. Now, the difficulty of matte products is that this finish makes it easy for small particulates to be visible. Luckily, this product (though it does have a significant amount of clay in it) doesn't have any coarse grains of clay. This solves that problem.


I would say this is like optional texture. As you can see in the photos, you have a voluminous and dry finish that can remain surprisingly clean. At the same time, you can take it in the other direction and finger-comb it all to a texture looseness. The level of texture is also a very nice balance between fine and coarse -- somehow allowing you to go either way.


I think medium-firm would be the best way to describe the strength and hold of this paste. It's important to note that this comes at a very light weight, so the amount of volume you can get is pretty high.


O'Douds Matte Paste has been by far the easiest paste to style with in comparison to all the others we've seen. It's surprisingly intuitive for a product that seems to break the box in every other category.


You shouldn't expect this paste (or any other paste) to keep your hair in the same shape throughout the whole day. However, you definitely should expect to keep a high level of aesthetic through the entire day. The advantages of paste and clay products is that looseness, texture, and messiness is made to be aesthetic. The product maintains some presence of volume which allows you to keep a slight form of pomp while keeping it all matte and textured in a beautiful manner. Matte Paste is a exemplary in this manner.


Easy. You'll maintain a surprisingly high amount of the volume. I'm not at all saying you'll be able to style that same super tall pomp, but in comparison to other pastes and creams, it's unexpectedly high. The biggest thing here is that you can use either a comb or your fingers AND it's pain-free. Clays typically offer the same advantages but with the disadvantage of drying out your hair -- making it slightly painful to restyle. This is not the case here.


Not at all.




Washes out easily in one rinse -- even with just water.


Approved. Fucking unquestionably approved. This product is not only one of the best things I've used in the recent past, but beautifully marks a moment in our time when we can expect paste and paste-pomades to become commonplace in the homebrewing market. Once again, it has been proven that true craftsmanship can lead to innovation. I consider O'Douds Matte Paste to be a must have because of its unique characteristic, and if you're like in that you've come to love the textured look, this is something you simply can't live without.

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