O'Douds | Standard Pomade

O'Douds | Standard Pomade

Today, we're wrapping up the mini series of the latest introductions from O'Douds Apothecary with their Standard Pomade. It's marketed as a water-based, high shine, and high hold pomade. To clear the confusion, their original Water Based Pomade was renamed to Multi Purpose Pomade and this Standard Pomade is an entirely new formula.


The design format is identical to the others released in this group. However, in the same way each differs, this is one has a unique typeface that is reminiscent of baseball style team logos -- very All-American. It's a beautiful jar. On the practical side, it's four ounces of product contained in a dark amber glass jar.


Again, the scent is said to be cedar citrus just like the other two. However, each of them had a distinctive aroma. Standard Pomade seems to lack much of the intense cedar we experience in the other two, and instead, it smells more strongly of citrus with a sweet smooth almost vanilla-like fragrance.


It honestly reminded me of the sugar glaze on donuts where the top layer is solid but cracking and sliding away -- revealing a fluid but gritty goop underneath. The consistency is definitely unorthodox and reminds me of the bad batches of Black. However, I'm sure it's intended this way because it 100% feels right once you smear it in your hands. It's all waxy and grippy.


You feel some of the grit when applying it, but it's not bad at all. It's like applying something halfway between your everyday water-based pomade and a paste pomade. 


Not high shine. Definitely not high shine. It's barely above neutral. Though this might be my preference, it still doesn't change the fact that it's contradictory to the marketed level of shine. 


Again. It's not a slick pomade at all. There was a lot of effort on my part to contain all the strays and do my best to form a clean pomp. This may make it a pretty versatile pomade, but nevertheless, it's completely contradictory to the slickness advertised.


Now the strength is arguably in line with high hold marketed in its listing. You'll feel the grip during the application and it comes in handy when styling. The weight is also very light, so this all makes a very strong pomade.


The control of this pomade is good in regards to getting volume, but forming a clean pomp is challenging due to a lack of slickness.


After a sunny and windy but chilly day, my pompadour completely fell apart. As you can see in the video, there was basically nothing left.


Restyling my pompadour was surprisingly possible. I was able to get some of the volume and height back, but much of the shape was lost. 


The pomade got soft and a bit greasy through the day. 


Not at all.


One wash.


While this may be a versatile water-based pomade, we have to face the fact that it failed to meet two critical characteristics that it advertised: high shine and slickness. It was basically neutral in shine and on the dry side of things. Out of the three new releases from O'Douds, Standard Pomade would be the third out of the three choices in my opinion. I would consider the Matte Paste to be a must have and the other two dependent on what you personally like.

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