The Red House | Oil Based Medium Hold

The Red House | Oil Based Medium Hold

Today is one of those seldom days that we take a step back and look at a traditional oil-based pomade. While there are excited new things coming out almost every week, it's good practice to keep an ear to the ground for any new changes in the world of oil-based products. This also wraps up our mini-series of product reviews for The Red House, and we're doing this with their new Oil Based Medium Hold Pomade.


Very plain and just like the firm hold version in their line. It's a purely type-based design and the only distinguishing feature between this and the firm besides the name change is the black background. Other than that, it's a 3.75 oz. tin can (do note the tin can is nicer than your average rolled version).


The same as the others. It's their characteristic Tobacco-Vanilla scent. You should all know it by now -- sweet and smooth with depth.


It's like a slightly stiffer petroleum jelly. Yeah. It's been a real long time since I've used an oil-based pomade that felt like this because what it tells me is: we 'bout to get real greasy.


Very easy. No grip at all. I chose to go with four small dollops because no matter how light an oil-based pomade is, they really suck if unevenly distributed. It just feels gross. Plus, this way it's easier to avoid getting it on my scalp.


A solid notch above neutral. 


It's very slick without being sticky. I definitely didn't even have to think or worry about stray hairs and as my comb moved out of my hair, none of them followed. Very good.


I would put it at a medium -- maybe slightly towards light if anything.


I often end up just shrugging my shoulders when I get to this point in a review with an oil-based pomade. What do you expect? It's a grease and we all know how greases should perform. This one does perform as we wish which makes the control very intuitive and easy to use. I particularly admire the type of slickness displayed here. It's an oily slick that is almost wholly absent of stickiness.


As expected with almost any medium hold oil-based pomade, my pomp only lasted a few hours before falling apart. And it being a slick product, the mess did not in any way seem like a controlled mess. I was straight up greasy and emo.


You'll lose most of the volume you had at the beginning of the day. Even though you can retain much of the shape, the drastic lost of volume makes it all a sad lump.


Despite starting off pretty greasy, the pomade surprisingly didn't get increasingly so throughout the day, which I was very grateful for.

Buildup Quality

Mostly a soft putty residue rather than a strong waxy residue. Thus, it won't be much help to style a tall pomp the next day but could keep the hair back tomorrow morning.


Two to three showers should get it all out.


For the first half of the day, I was able to style a surprisingly pretty pomp with The Red House Medium Hold Oil Based Pomade. This is a reminder of the unique advantages of an oil-based pomade -- consistent performance and balance. However, the latter half of the day was a reminder of the disadvantages of an oil-based that is medium hold and balanced in nature. Its sensitivity to the weather and greasiness. Overall, this would be the best oil-based pomade by The Red House.

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