Nostalgic Grooming | Cream

Nostalgic Grooming | Cream

Today, since the weather is permitting, we'll be taking a look at the new Cream from Nostalgic Grooming. It's a light-medium hold water-based. Now, that already sets it apart from most other products because while, yes, we've seen light oil-based pomades. It's rare to find a brewer who will cook up a water-based with a light hold. 


As we mentioned in the last review, Nostalgic Handmade recently went through a complete redesign and rename to now be known as Nostalgic Grooming. Their new labels may be retro in style but they don't capture the same nostalgic feeling that the originals generated.


The scent is officially Mango Sage, but I have to say it's distinctly different the scent you get from mango butter. It's a much fruitier version but the sage (and other additions) takes the sweetness away and adds a bit of depth.


It's like a lighter version of their water-based pomades. Because of that, I wouldn't describe it necessarily as a cream. It's much thicker than a lotion when you're scooping it out, but once you smear it in your palms, it feels just like a light oil-based grease.


Applying it is super easy -- as you would expect from a light hold pomade.


A solid notch above neutral. Just enough to show you have pomade in your hair but nothing more.


As you would expect from a light hold product, it ended up very slick. I didn't even have to think about keeping all the hairs together.


I think they were pretty spot on with the advertised hold. I definitely agree that it's somewhere between a light and medium. Stronger than the Lockhart's Grooming Cream but lighter than Grandad's Lightweight Pomade. 


As you saw in the video, it took two seconds to style my hair with this pomade. Despite having relatively light hold, this product still remained as intuitive and easy to use as many other much stronger pomades we've seen. But, you definitely can only go slick with this one.


Also as we expected, the light hold won't stand up against your day. In turn, we hope that the hair remains aesthetic in its own way; however, with a slick pomade, that's not as easy in comparison to a clay. The mess stays shiny and looks greasy.


Possible. Surprisingly possible.


As an advantage, this pomade is a lot less greasy than its counterparts.




Washes out very easily with shampoo and even possibly with just water.


With what this product was intended for, it did a pretty good job. I definitely see the advantages of this type of product being a water-based over an oil-based. I'd imagine that the oil-based may do a better job cutting into a wax buildup. However, it definitely can't make it all as easy to wash out as a water-based like Cream would. If you're looking for a light hold pomade or something to keep you clean on a relaxed day, then this might just be the choice for you.

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