The Red House | Special Blend

Today, we're continuing to strut down the line of The Red House products and looking at their new Special Blend. It's marketed as a happy in-between of their Water Based and Private Reserve -- one being a medium hold and the other being a firm hold. So, the main question today for us: is there space in the line for Special Blend? As in, is it unique enough to warrant being another product and therefore, our purchase.


The design work follows in the steps of the Water Based and Private Reserve with banner and color distinguishing between the three -- almost purely typeface. The jar is your standard four ounce ambler glass with a white metal lid. 


The scent is also standard to The Red House line. It's the tobacco-vanilla we've become so overly familiar with. Though pleasant and a mark of consistency, this doesn't help to convince us why Special Blend was a necessary addition. We'll need to strongly focus on the performance to see what makes Special Blend special.


As expected, it feels like a slightly softer and drier version of Private Reserve. It reminds me of how Crystal Lake feels -- the latest formula. This makes it pretty easy to scoop out and actually, kinda fun to just feel.


It was just as easy as their Water Based and unlike their Private Reserve. The latter could actually be pretty discomforting at times because of its grip, but Special Blend is a good balance between providing grip and staying soft.


Just a tad above neutral. You'll get a very light shine from this pomade.


It's probably one of the slickest pomade I've used in a while where I don't really have any loose hairs at all. Despite feeling a little dry out of the jar, you'll strongly be pushed to style a clean pomp with this pomade -- definitely not as versatile as I predicted when scooping it out.


The strength is pretty accurate, and I honestly appreciate that in a world where everyone is overrating their pomade's hold. This is truly a medium-firm.


Now, this is pomade has a lot of weight. I would honestly compare its weight to some of the thickest oil-based pomades we've seen. While this helps a lot with its resilience (as we will discuss in the endurance section), this limits us in trying to shape a nice pomp that is tall and spherical. The control overall is mostly comparable to your standard heavyweight oil-based pomade. In other words, it takes on a more traditional feel during styling.


It has strong marks here. Whether its the weight that just makes it thick and strong or the fact that your height is limited with the weight, the pomade does a good job keeping your hair where you put it without needing to harden.


You'll lose a bit of volume just as with any other product, but not much of the pomade will absorb or disappear through the day. I'd say that you can rely on the pomade staying in your hair and ready to be styled at any time.


A bit more than most of the other water-based pomades we have today.


Not really. It may stiffen a bit immediately after styling, but it stays pretty soft for the rest of the day.


One shower and it'll be gone.


Honestly, I would prefer The Red House Private Reserve out of their entire line of water-based pomades. I actually really like that one. The Special Blend is unique enough to be considerably different from the Private Reserve and Water Based, so I'll hand it to The Red House that there is space in their line for this pomade. I'd say: if you're a huge fan of traditional oil-based pomades, I think I can switch out one of your greases with this pomade and you wouldn't know until you washed it out.

If you're interested in The Red House Special Blend or any of their other products, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save some money on your order -- just as long as you support their small business by buying direct.