O'Douds | Styling Treatment

As promised, we are taking a look at the new Styling Treatment by O'Douds Apothecary. Of the three new products they released, there are two that have the potential to be very unique hair styling products: Matte Paste and Styling Treatment. Upon reading the product description of the latter, there is definitely a use case scenario for it in my lifestyle. While at work, I don't care to maintain a flawless pompadour. In fact, as an engineer, doing so would not only be overly bothersome for me at work but also in interacting with coworkers. Instead, I prefer a low maintenance textured slickback or to just let it get naturally messy. This products sounds like the perfect cream to help me do this.


Once again, a beautifully designed jar by O'Douds. As I mentioned in my other recent review of their paste, this is a limited edition jar to commemorate their first batch. It uses metallic ink which gives this jar that beautiful finish. Other than that, it's their standard 4 oz. amber glass jar.


Cedar citrus again, but I feel like there's more cedar here with this one. Reminds me to wooden pencil shavings from back when we still used wooden pencils.


Straight up lotion. Completely 100% lotion. Once you start agitating it in your palms, it still feels like a lotion -- or maybe some yogurt but not of the Greek variety.


Applying it is very easy. Plus, when you start to comb it through, it has a very satisfying feel to it. I'd like to think it's similar to the subtle difference between digital photo printing papers like gloss and matte. This feel like luster -- a halfway in-between thats better than either.


The shine can be described similarly: luster. Just a tad above neutral.


Unexpectedly slick pomade that captured most of my hairs while still suggesting me to texture it up a bit with my fingers.


I would put this somewhere between a medium and light. The lightweight helps you make use of whatever hold there is in there though.


This cream is meant to help you style your hair a bit while still allowing its natural characteristics to come through. In other words, you won't be able to go full martial law on your own hair. Instead, you'll be encourage to run a democracy where you work with the other branches of power to obtain beautiful balance.


Did we really expect it to last? No. That's like hoping my Honda Fit will beat a Prius. What we do expect is that it remain aesthetic and clean as it naturally progresses throughout the day. While the aestheticism remained, I have to admit it began to feel a bit greasy. 


You can get your hair back together -- just don't expect a lot of volume.


I had hoped the Styling Treatment would stay cleaner than it did. I'd prefer a slightly drier product such that natural texture is further exemplified and the feel is never discomforting.


Just add water.


While it definitely fits very well into my daily schedule, there are still some inconveniences that I wish were remedied. For example, I'd prefer a slightly drier product to help accentuate natural texture and keep it feeling clean during the day. Even at the sacrifice of the conditioning aspect of the product. Nevertheless, it is currently the best product out there to help you keep your hair out of the way and feeling good on a relaxed day.

If you're interested in checking out this product, feel free to use our promo code THEPOMP to save a bit of money when ordering directly from O'Douds. Simply buying direct is one of the best ways to support these small businesses.