19Fifties | Union Matte Clay

Today, I'm back to review the newly reformulated and redesign Union Matte Clay by 19|Fifties. As many of you already know, we've offered their previous formula for some time now. At the time, it was a clay pomade who's performance was comparable to Baxter Clay but offered a much more reasonable price. Now, it's returned in a new package and with a formula that would put all those overpriced clays (i.e. Baxter) to shame.


I usually don't like overly ornamental jars, but this was done right. When a label wants to create something unique, they typically do things like this and it ends up tacky as shit. However, the new Union Matte Clay jar just looks right. They spared no expense, and by doing so, the full potential is fulfilled. My personal favorite is the savage image on the side. Other than that, it's a 4 ounce tin can.


It smells like the scent was left unchanged. It's still a pleasant cologne-like aroma.


This new formula is a lot thicker than the original. It feels as though the wax content was significantly upped this time around, and you'll definitely feel it when styling.


Despite the additional waxiness and its resulting thickness, application is still surprisingly easy as you saw in the video. I was able to apply it aggressively and get it underneath to where I need the strength. It's as though you scooped out some heavy oil-based but it applies like a light wax.


Neutral. Some might argue slightly matte, but I'd say neutral.


The texture this pomade provides is definitely on the coarse side. I think it's very unlikely that we'd ever see a oil-based clay pomade that provides fine texture since the petroleum is sure to act against that. Additionally, the texture is not overbearing and you'll find it easy to go either with a loose or clean pomp.


As I mentioned before with the wax content, they reformulated this pomade from a medium to a firm hold.  


You'll find it a pleasure to work with. If I can style it at 4am and get such a nice pomp, I'm pretty sure you can successfully use this pomade. It's not only very intuitive to work with but the balance between the strength and texture really lets you go whichever way you want.


As I've mentioned before in almost every single clay review before this one, we cannot and do not expect a clay pomade to maintain shape throughout the day. But, Union Matte Clay did do a great job keeping a level of aestheticism no matter what happened to my hair.


Unlike most other clay pomades, restyling during the day wasn't painful at all. Though it is visually dry, the product doesn't make my hair feel dry. Finger combing and using an actual comb are easy and both good options. You'll lose some volume after a few hours but not the texture.






Would take about two or three showers to remove completely -- assuming you're not adding more consecutively.


When they first mentioned the decision to reformulate with me, I didn't understand why. I still don't understand why, but I agree with the result. This formula is a huge step forward from the original Union Matte Clay. It provides far more hold with no sacrifice to the texture or softness of the pomade. This is why it undoubtedly receives my seal of approval. I can see it easily becoming a daily driver for myself, and if it fits my bill, then I feel confident recommending it to you.

If you're interested in checking out the new formula, you have two good choices: we offer it on The Approved List as always at our exclusive pricing or you can buy direct from their website using our promo code THEPOMP to save some money.