Comandante | Definition Pomade

Comandante | Definition Pomade

It's been a real long minute since the last time we looked at a gel-pomade on this blog. Why? Because there has been little change since they were first introduced and only ever minor differences between each one. Yet, there exists brand after brand that offer these pomades. But even more surprisingly is that they remain a popular choice among the majority of the market where people want simplicity and affordability.

Today we will be checking in on the gel-pomade market via Comandante Definition Pomade. They are a new gel-pomade label in Southern California that currently only sells through Amazon. At a first glance, their pomade seems to be very affordable, so let's see if there's performance to back it up. 


The color scheme closely follows the classic Suavecito jar. Even the font is similar but lacks customization like Suavecito. These traits are obviously undesirable because we always hope that companies choose to create a unique identity for themselves. Other than that, it comes in the typical white plastic jar most other gel-pomades have with the exception that its size. It's a 9 ounce jug.


It's a cologne-like aroma but unlike Suavecito or any other gel-pomade. You can describe it as something in-between Steadfast and Bona Fide but on the lighter side, so you won't get a headache.


Not as jelly as Suavecito and more soft like Bona Fide Superior. 


I guess this would be one aspect it does better than others. Applying this gel-pomade is fairly smooth and easy. Some others like Suavecito Firme can be discomforting while other ones soft like this do not nearly offer as much hold.


A tad of shine in the morning, but you will lose it throughout the day.


It's on par with other gel-pomades. You'll get a few strays, but they are easy to correct. You shouldn't need water to re-dissolve the pomade to get rid of the strays. There's enough inherent stick to the pomade when you first apply that it should help during the initial styling process.


I wouldn't say this is a strong hold pomade. Definitely, it'd qualify as a firm hold though. That, in combination with the lightness of the pomade, makes it a clean and formidable hold.


It was super easy to work with. This is what we demand from a gel-pomade and this one does well to fulfill our expectations. No attribute is outrageously taken overboard, so with everything in balance, the control is well made.


It's not indestructable, but it's surprisingly resilient given the hold and especially the weight of the pomade. Nevertheless, it's like any other gel-pomade in that it's all or nothing. You either keep the whole pomp or it breaks down completely.


You'll need water for major reworks, but for minor things, you can just finger comb it. I had a split from the morning that I was able to cover up halfway through the day. This is normal with gel-pomades. They tend to keep your hair however it was styled in the morning -- good or bad. This one allows more give.


It unquestionably dries up and hardens to give that solid hold. It may not be as brittle as others, but it definitely hardens up.


Just add water.


With respect to our opening statement, Comandante Pomade doesn't break any new barriers and the gel-pomade market is just as we left it. Nevertheless, this pomade does well to fulfill our basic needs of control and affordability. What we've noticed is if the gel-pomade performance isn't going to change, then the price will continually be driven down as more and more company brand their own gel-pomade. Comandante Pomade is a prime example of this. At 9 oz. for $20 (listed as 8 ounces on Amazon but actually 9 ounces), this is a very inexpensive gel-pomade with performance comparable to Suavecito and Layrite.