19Fifties | Union Original Pomade

19Fifties | Union Original Pomade

We're continuing down the newly redesigned and reformulated line of hair products by 19Fifties Classic Men's Grooming. Last week, we looked at their new Union Matte Clay and so, we'll be moving down onto their Union Original Pomade. The previous formula was a lightweight gel-pomade with good but standard control. Let's see how they've tried to differentiate themselves this time around.


As I mentioned in the other review, this is a huge upgrade. Also, I normally think square tins like these are very tacky, but 19Fifties went so overboard to make it ornamental that it looks so right. It's definitely one of the loveliest jars out there right now, and this is coming from a true believer in minimalism.


Honestly, (and my girlfriend validated this) it smells like dish soap -- but without the astringent component. It's like you took a light citrus dish soap and make it smoother.


It's slightly thicker than the previous formula. It still a jelly like consistency but has moved a little more towards a jam. That's the spectrum of consistencies I've seen for gel-pomades. They're either relatively brittle like Jell-o or ductile like strawberry jam.


It feels a bit grippy in your hands when you start to agitate it, but once applied into your hair, the pomade becomes very soft. Strange.


There's some shine when you first apply and style with the product, but after an hour or two and for the rest of the day, the shine goes away to a neutral finish.


Though it didn't feel slick in a way, there was a stickiness that was present which made strays a nonissue. I didn't even have to think about it. 


This is definitely a step up from the previous formula which was a light hold pomade. This becomes more of a medium hold.


It definitely wasn't a struggle to style. There was a little more horizontal flare than I wanted though. I think this is due to the lightness in feel, medium hold, and weight. My pompadour wanted to flare outward to the sides. I just had to be more conscious of keeping it together.


Though nothing but the strongest of pomades would have survived the day I had today, I would still consider this to be one of the more sensitive gel-pomades we've seen. 


At the same time, it was surprisingly easy and effective to restyle with. Yes, you need water though. But if you can get access to some, then you can almost restyle your pomp completely.


Nope. My hair still feels fine before, during, and after.


Yes. It hardens.


Just add water.


If you're looking for a lighter gel-pomade or if you're simply a Drake fan, then 19Fifties Union Original Pomade may be a good fit for you. It might not be the strongest gel-pomade on the market, but it's a beautifully balanced pomade in a even more beautiful jar. 

For those of you who are interested, we offer our promo code THEPOMP for any and all purchases via their storefront.