19Fifties | Union Texturizing Crème

19Fifties | Union Texturizing Crème

I don't believe we reviewed the original formula for this product. However, I know for a fact that I did try it out and found it to be a bad match with my hair. So, you can guess I wasn't sure what to expect this time around with the new formula. Nevertheless, as with many times before, I was pleasantly surprised with an amazing product. 19Fifties Union Texturizing Creme marks the first instance where we've experience texture from a clean airy-ness rather than grit.


I don't wanna spend too much time on this since we've already been over this twice during the last two weeks. It's a beautiful can. This is one of very few times I'll say this about any super ornamental design. It's extremely well done.


This is my favorite scent out of all the products from 19Fifties. Even though it has a lot in common with the Union Matte Clay, I would put it one step above. It still a cologne like scent, but it comes out a lot stronger with this one.


It feels like a thick lotion or what I imagine spoiled cottage cheese to be like. 


Super easy to apply. It comes out pretty clumpy from the jar but smears real nice and smooth. You shouldn't have any issue at all getting the creme wherever you need it.


Surprisingly, it has a bit of a shine to it and maintains it throughout the day. This is definitely not what we typically associate with texture products which are usually matte or at most, neutral. 


This is some of the coolest texture we've seen lately. Not only is it as coarse as I would like, it is completely clean. There was no grittiness in the product, yet it was able to provide beautiful and airy texture. This is makes it not only feel natural but truly feel natural.


It's a medium-light. I honestly didn't think I'd get any hold at all from the way this creme felt. However, it was definitely enough for me to style a beautiful pomp with.


You'll see it in the video. It literally took me moments to style a clean pomp and a few simple strokes to texture it up. Very impressive.


Obviously, given the characteristics we stated above, this pomp was fragile and fell apart. 


Nevertheless, restyling was more than possible. It was aesthetic all day 'round. The texture was so light and airy that it just looked natural the whole time. It was awesome.


Nope. Absolutely not.


Nope. Stayed soft all day.


Just add water.


This product receives my seal of approval without a question. Its texture characteristics are just so damn unique and the strength of it gives you just enough to style a pomp who's form is fucking majestic. I think it qualifies as one of those products everyone has to experience. Just as clays opened up a new category of style, creams and pastes like these will do the same.

We're currently working with 19Fifties to offer this product on The Approved List. In the meantime, you can use our promo code THEPOMP to purchase it direct from their website. We'll let you know once it available through us.