Rocky Mountain Barber | Firm Hold Pomade

Rocky Mountain Barber | Firm Hold Pomade

As promised, this weekend was filled with two gel-pomades from Canada. Today is Rocky Mountain Barber Company's Firm Hold Pomade which is a gel-pomade that is supposedly the most popular choice by Canadians. Let's see what our northern neighbors are using.


In all honesty, the design is a compilation of trending graphics. You got your cross with letters abbreviating the company and a myriad of fonts. This is all on an aluminum jar with five ounces of product.


The smell is cologne-like.


This one reminds me a lot of Imperial Classic Pomade. In both the styling characteristics (as we will discuss later on) and its consistency. It is like a super thick jam.


When applying, the grip really comes out as we would expect from a firm hold product. However, you can feel some serious grip while trying to comb it out. You'd be surprised with how fast this pomade dries, so I'd actually recommend applying to towel-dry hair.


Neutral from the start and neutral 'til the end.


It's not a slick product at all. Once it dries, the stick is almost completely gone which then leaves it to you to keep all the strays together.


It is definitely a firm hold pomade with a light but not the lightest weight.


This all feeds into a pomade that is intuitive to style with until it dries. Once this pomade dries, it is a challenge to work with and all the strays start to come out. Work fast or start moist.


My pompadour fell apart rather quickly. It wasn't that the pomade isn't strong enough to fight falling apart. It's that the pomade, once dry, loses almost all stickiness which makes it difficult for the hairs to remain stuck to one another.


This was shockingly good to restyle with though as long as you have access to water. The volume is easy to reinvigorate, but you'll be relying solely on the water to keep your hairs together.


Definitely hardens into a shell.


Just add water.


Rocky Mountain Barber Company's Firm Hold Pomade had promise to be a very solid and strong pomade to style with; however, the pace at which it dries and the resulting styling characteristics once it dries, makes it a challenge to style with. I'd actually say that this can potentially be more effective not trying to style a clean pompadour.

If interested, they've provided us with a temporary promo code ThePomp10 to save some money on your order with Rocky Mountain Barber Company.