Wise | Clay Pomade

It's been a while since our last review, but that's because I've been anxiously awaiting this new pomade to arrive in the mail. Wise Men's Care is a new label out of Canada that has some of the best design work in the market right now. Plus, they've even developed an innovative refill system in order to make their line more sustainable. 

Today, we're looking at their Simple & Natural Men's Clay Pomade. Even after just looking at their list of ingredients, you can bet this is something different from anything we've used before. Neither water nor an oil is it's most significant ingredient. It's clay. That's a first.


Beautiful. It comes in a clean 2 oz. glass jar that is delicate in both its curvature and wall thickness. While other companies (i.e. Baxter of California) waste additional glass with thicker walls in order to give the jar more weight, this one from Wise is a lot more honest and efficient. The lid appears to be a veneer of wood with a hard rubber insert to ensure good seal. Labeling is printing directly onto the jar and with a lovely serif font. (Do note that we should acknowledge the general trend from san serif fonts to serif -- specifically slab serif styles -- that is occurring.)


Amazingly complex and pleasant. If you stick your nose deep into the jar and snort that shit, then you'll get a cedar wood smell that is rich yet not too spicy. It's smooth. My favorite is if you take a light sniff of it where you've allowed it to dissipate into the environment: the scent becomes like a baked ginger cookies. It's like a mixture of ginger, sesame, and a sweetness that comes from something baked.


I won't lie to you guys. Initially, it is very tough to scoop out the jar. We've typically only seen this with super waxy products, but it's become more commonplace as people have opted to formulate more natural products. Once you break through the top layers, the underside and rest of the jar becomes relatively more workable. Either way, it's a pleasantly thick paste.


Once out of the jar and into your palms, it becomes a dry and thick paste that is surprisingly easy to apply to your hair. No matter what your hair type is, I'd recommend going for very small scoops at a time in order to minimize the amount of product. A little goes a long way with this one.


Perfectly neutral.


It has a dry pastiness that is crucial to provide some stickiness. It's this aspect that will not let the texture get out of hand and help us get exactly the right amount of separation.


The dryness caused by the clay mixed with the tackiness from the wax amounts to a lovely coarse texture. It's nothing crazy and very comparable to what we've seen with Baxter Clay Pomade and Lockhart's Matte Clay.


I was able to style this in very little time. Wise Clay Pomade is very intuitive to use. Easy enough for a beginner yet flexible enough for an experienced user to enjoy and experiment with. I also need to say that you can go with a clean and neutral pompadour or a loose textured one. 


If you were to sit at a desk the entire day and only walk around, then your pomp will probably last the entire day with this product. However, as with many other clay pomades, any significant physical activity and your textured pomp with begin to overly separate into a mess. The nice thing is, despite being dry, the tackiness will remain to help your keep your hair out of your face.


You can get a surprising amount of volume back deep into the day. Do note though that, as with almost all other pomades no matter what their type is, your hair will begin to memorize whatever shape you leave it in. In other words, if it gets messed up and you leave it for hours, then expect to fight against the way it swayed or laid.


Not at all.


Nope. One of the best feeling clays I've ever used.


Add shampoo and it's gone.


There is no doubt in my mind that Wise Simple & Natural Clay Pomade receives my seal of approval. I fell in love with their design work, and that is the preliminary mark that these people care about what they're creating. The performance is clear proof that they took their time to formulate something really worthwhile. There is one disadvantage -- or rather, one reality check -- this is a high-end hair product and as such, its cost is high. As something that far exceeds Baxter Clay Pomade and anything else offered in that class, I believe it is worth it.

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