Wise | Cream Pomade

Wise Men's Care is a new company out of Canada that exudes some of the best design we've ever seen in the hair pomade market. It's like a young version of Aesop but from Canada and more focused on sustainability -- that's a huge compliment. Yesterday, we took a look at their Clay Pomade and were very pleased. Today, we're seeing what they have to offer through their Simple & Natural Cream Pomade.


As I said with their Clay Pomade, the design work is phenomenal. They keep to the same family of design with the Cream Pomade to keep consistency within the line. I think this design works even better with the white color of this product. The wall thickness and the curvatures are very gentle with their glass jar which adds a delicacy that isn't present in any other jar I've seen. On a practical note, it is a 2 ounce jar. Though smaller than the standard 4 ounce jars we typically see, they are very honest with their sizing -- refusing to put additional weight on by thickening the jar walls.


The scent is different from their Clay Pomade. Rather than being an upfront and in-your-face smell, this aroma takes on a more environmental feel. More ambient. It meshes well with the room and whatever else you decide to put on. They sought to capture the Canadian wilderness in this fragrance, so it has super lights notes of wood and herbs. If you get a chance to smell it, you'll see what I mean. It's like a feeling rather than something you can see or touch.


Beautiful. Despite the name, I think this pomade as a whole can be best described as a water-based pomade when comparing it to the other products we've seen. It looks hard in the jar, but when you begin to scoop, you'll realize it's a pretty smooth paste. 


Applying it from the jar is super easy. It becomes a thick paste in your hands when you agitate it, but it's smooth in your hair. However, when you apply to completely dry hair, you'll have a few minutes or so until the pomade begins to settle and the grip sets in. It remains completely workable. Just note that the grip will become more present.


It's marketed as having a light shine finish. No. It's definitely a neutral-matte finish.


It was no where as slick as I expected. In many ways, you could draw a lot of overlap between this product and Crystal Lake -- except in its finish and slickness. Wise Cream Pomade is a lot drier (and therefore, arguably more flexible in its potential). The slickness is more of a pastiness that keeps strays together. 


Damn. This stuff is so much stronger than I expected. Yet, it's not brutal. This cream pomade is unquestionably strong hold and a very light weight. You can get awesome volume from this product. This is my favorite thing to see: pomades that scoop out all creamy and smooth but style with serious strength. Cut the fat and just give me that lean muscle.


Super easy to work with. That's generally the case with many of these new water-based pomades. Take the simplicity of oil-based pomades but allow them to dry out a bit -- giving you unhindered hold. You can style a clean and matte pompadour or fall to temptations like me and just texture it up with your fingers.


If you're not moving around much during the day, it'll last the entire working day. But if you're looking under tables or head banging on the regular, then it'll last a few hours. It's strong, but remember that it's a lightweight water-based pomade, strength and formidability are two different things.


I was super worried about restyling this pomade. For some reason, the way it felt suggested that it would flake away if I tried to re-comb it in the middle of the day. Luckily, I was completely wrong. You might not get the same volume and strength you experience at the beginning of the day, but the product is mostly still there to work with.


It settles but doesn't harden into a shell. 


I felt like it did, but didn't. Hair felt great.


Washes out with one lather and rinse with shampoo.


Wise Cream Pomade definitely has its accolades and enough for me to consider using it on some of my regular days. However, between these two (Wise Cream Pomade and they Clay Pomade), I believe the Clay Pomade is far more distinct and worthwhile. The Cream Pomade is like having the hold of The Red House Private Reserve but without the painful grip and discomfort of using such a brutal pomade. This one is more refined. Minor improvements and more dependent on what best fits your hair type.

If you're interested, we can't offer you a discount. However, we can give you a free comb with your order when you use promo code THEPOMP on your first order with Wise Men's Care.