Flagship | Cream Pomade

Flagship | Cream Pomade

Our main man Wade over at Flagship Pomade Company sent us a jar of his upcoming Cream Pomade. Note that this is not to be confused with the Cream Pomade Everything Pomade Edition that’s already available. If you’re reading this right after being published, then you’ll want to note that the Cream Pomade won’t be available for another week or so — October 26th to be exact.


The style of the jar is well within the updated look of Flagship’s Streamline selection of pomades. The color is notably much more vibrant than the other products, but the overall feel is undeniably of the same taste. It comes in a four ounce jar that is more shallow and wide than the more traditional jars.


The aroma is primarily minty, but it completely lacks the bite or the feeling that is so iconically mint. I guess in other words, it’s a very flat mint.


It’s like a very dense butter.


It breaks down with some grip but it's the thickness that really remains. You’ll feel this as you apply it to your hair, so I recommend that you go in with small scoops and be patient. The pomade will grip to the first thing it touches. Be very conscious to put it where you need it.




I think the texture here is optional. Though it could be beautiful, I decided to style a clean pompadour in the beginning — just to showcase how versatile of a pomade this is. The texture is coarse and very well balanced with a dense and dry pastiness that keeps the hair together.


I wouldn’t say it’s a strong or heavy hold, but it could definitely qualify as a firm.


It was a pleasure to style with — apply not so much — but there’s a nice density to it that makes the styling logical. Your hair doesn’t fray to the sides or fall in a way that you don’t expect. That’s what comes from a pomade that is well-balanced.


The resilience was impressive and completely unexpected! I guess the denseness (not to be mistaken with the weight) of the pomade really came through to keep things together through most of the day. As the product progresses in the late hours of the day, the texture that develops is coarse, wavy, and absolutely beautiful.


You’ll naturally lose some volume like any other pomade, but the texture and finish stays.




Not bad at all.


Just add water and shampoo to remove.


Simply put. This is my new favorite pomade from Flagship. I think it beats Black Ship — though one can argue they’re very different products. Cream Pomade is definitely the most versatile thing we’ve ever seen from Wade, and it’s undeniably well-balanced across the most important aspects of performance: hold, weight, slickness, and texture. My only criticism is the application process. As a cream pomade, I would wish the consistency and application are — as the name suggests — creamy. Nevertheless, it’s an awesome product aside from that minor inconvenience and receives my seal of approval.

Flagship Cream Pomade will be available on October 26th. We will have it available on The Approved List some time after its initial release. We also offer our promo code THEPOMP whenever you buy directly from Flagship and support their business.