Ace High Co. | Black Cat

Ace High Co. | Black Cat

Today, we’re revisiting Ace High Co. who we haven’t discussed in quite a while now — but, it looks like they’ve recently released a new oil-based pomade. So, this is a good excuse to check them out again and also, go back to our roots that started this blog. Black Cat Pomade is their take on the classic pomade formula. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking in regard to the ingredients (that’s not the point). Rather, it’s a slight but distinct refinement. I kinda see oil-based pomades like a seasoned athlete — there’s no longer any breakthroughs, just a disproportionate amount of work for minor but notable progress.


They went for a taboo-inspired look, which I acknowledge it’s very much overplayed nowadays but one can’t deny that it’s well executed here. I’m a big fan of illustrated animals/people that are purposefully ugly — not the illustration itself but the content that is illustrated. Tasteful. Love the grotesqueness of the cat. Everything else like the font choices and print finish goes well with the tin can. I don’t like metal tin cans, but this is damn well-done. As for the non-aesthetic details, it’s your standard 4 oz. can and satin finish on the metal body.


It’s the standard Ace High Co. I’ll tell you what they say it is and what it is to me. They’ll tell you it’s eucalyptus, apple jack, and orange peel. I’ll tell you it’s cherry cough syrup.


It’s fairly easy and smooth to scoop out. Oil-based pomades are pretty transparent when it comes to revealing how much wax they contain. The stiffness and grip comes out a little bit as you agitate the product in your palms. This should give you some confidence that styling with Black Cat will be possible because if you haven’t felt any waxiness by this point, then whatever oil-based you’re using will be seriously light.


Super easy to apply and work it to wherever you need it.


Slight. I’d say it’s more of a sheen — you can say it’s kinda like a satin finish.


You shouldn’t have strays of any kind. I'd be very surprised. It’s sticky enough so that your hair stays together, but at the same time, the unique slickness of grease prevents from getting overly sticky. You can maintain the distinct look of using a fine-tooth comb — rather than hairs sticking together after combing and becoming more of a coarse comb finish.


Solid. In retrospect, I’d say it’s best described as a firm hold. There’s a stiffness to this product (that will fade and evolve through the day) that gives it more hold while at the same time, making it more of a conscious effort to get forward spherical movement to your pomp.


Overall, it’s as you would expect from a refined, oil-based pomade: super easy and intuitive to use.


Also, in retrospect, it’s not a formidable as the stiffness suggested — good and bad. The product tends to soften up through the day, which helps on the comfort side immensely. This is definitely one of the cleanest oil-based pomades I’ve ever used. But, this soften up also makes it vulnerable to falling apart.


Nevertheless, the product remains entirely reworkable and a pleasure to do so.


Absolutely not. One of the cleanest greases we’ve used.


Standard. 3-4 washes to remove it entirely with less and less residual grease with every wash.


Ace High Co.’s Black Cat Pomade receives my seal of approval for being one of the cleanest oil-based pomades I’ve ever used and reminding me what a pleasure it is to style with an oil-based pomade. I know many of you prefer to not use greases. I’m the same. But, I do always keep at least one on hand for days when my hair is at the perfect length for it. And this right here is the ideal grease to have on hand.

If you’re interested or looking for more information, you can check them out via the Ace High Co. website. We also offer our promo code THEPOMP to help you save money on your order and encourage you to support these small businesses directly. Enjoy.