Grim Grease | Cream Pomade

Grim Grease | Cream Pomade

It's like we've been resurrecting old brands from the dead, but I promise you that this one was very well worthwhile. Grim Grease has been quiet for a while, but they've recently released a new set of products for the 2018 year. We'll be looking at their new Cream Pomade.


The new 2018 line received a well-deserved makeover that streamlines the look. I like this design over the Vegas-inspired original branding. This version still has a retro look, but it has a more classic automobile feel to it. Plus, the matte label with metallic ink is always a clean look. 


The scent is also a huge upgrade. In the past, it's been a fragrance oil heavy aroma. I'm not saying this one is free of fragrance oil -- nor am I saying there's any reason to be rid of them. The aroma with the cream pomade is a lot smoother and softer. It's a similar cologne background with an herbal and citrus (slightly sweet) smell. 


Once you break through the top layer, it's like a lumpy lotion. 


It becomes completely smooth in consistency once you start to agitate it in your hands. BUT DON'T AGITATE IT TOO MUCH. The more you work the product, the drier and more grippy it becomes. This will be extremely helpful when styling; however, you don't want it to get grippy before you even apply it. That'll just make the entire process ever more painful. It doesn't need to be. Just smear it once or twice. Then apply.


There's a very slight luster. It's like the slight luster you get from wax (i.e. shoe shine).


It's a dry pastiness that is most similar to clay pomades on the market but still unique in its own way. It is very versatile. I think the best way to describe this product is actually as a paste pomade (yet call it whatever you want because it'll be the best cream or paste pomade we've seen up until now). You can use this dry pastiness to style it clean or texture it up. It works well either way.


It's labeled as a firm. I'd say this is a strong hold. It is damn strong.


This is a superbly easy product to style with. You hair will go wherever you want it to.


This is by far the best endurance and daylong hold we've seen out of any clay, paste, or cream pomade. I think this aspect alone makes it worthwhile for everyone to experience (and enjoy). Its hold is not only resilient but the pomade itself resides throughout the day.


With the product still there, you can definitely restyle it however you'd like. Get the volume back. Keep it clean. Put in some texture. Whatever you want.






You can remove it in one wash, but you'll want to scrub it well with some shampoo.


This is the best product I've used in months. Hands down. I kept on procrastinating all day writing this review, so I'm telling you now -- at 8pm -- that there is still product presence after 12 hours and it's definitely still workable. Styling with it in the morning is top notch and even styling it at night is amazing. It receives my seal of approval. With the exception of someone who requires light hold, this is a good match for any hairstyle that needs resilient volume. I highly recommend considering it.

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