Oliver Peoples | Keil

This year, I wanted to try something a bit different from what I've had for the past year. I felt happy with the round shapes, but for some reason, I had the urge to try out some frameless ones. I had never really seen a pair I liked -- definitely wasn't inspired by any of my fellow engineers with frameless glasses. They gross.

However, I came across these from Oliver Peoples. I trust them. Both of my two previous pairs were from them. When I first tried them on at the optometrist, they were the sun versions -- they had the blue tint ones. I looked terrible. It was like someone plucked me straight out of a Paris By Night DVD. (My Vietnamese-American readers will know what I'm talking about.) But I was like ehhh...let's just give them a try anyways. So, I asked my optometrist to send them off with my prescriptions -- not knowing whether I'd even look good in them.

I got them today, and I absolutely love them. The opticians at the store even made sure the lens edges were polished which makes a hell of a difference to add to their elegance. Using these as normal prescriptions (instead of as sunglasses) adds to the minimal beauty of the frames. You'll see them in action during my next video.