Boardwalk | Matte Cream

Boardwalk | Matte Cream

It looks like we're in store for another interesting product to review this week. We usually look at pomades that come in a jar, but this will be one of the very few times that we review something in a tube. I still call this thing a pomade because (as I explained in a video quite a while back) despite being more liquid-like, it nevertheless provides instantaneous hold and similar style characteristics.


The presentation is rather plain. It comes in simple black plastic tube with your average squeeze-to-dispense design. The only standout thing about the tube is that you get one ounce more than the standard four ounce jar. 


The scent is surprisingly light but still detectable. It's not exactly a cologne -- rather, it has the cool and refreshing characteristic (like a deodorant in a way).


It's like a thick lotion -- something like the Almond & Milk Hand Cream from Burt's Bees. How can it not be soft if you can squeeze it out of the tube? The consistency changes once you begin to agitate it.


Working it in your hands, the grip comes to fruition, but it never get overbearing. It presents itself quickly but reaches a ceasing point just as fast. Overall, it's a breeze to work into your hair and anywhere you need it.


A solid notch below neutral. Moderated matte.


The texture starts off beautifully coarse thanks to the dry pastiness. It changes throughout the day, but we'll discuss that later. The texture is also optional -- in a way -- at the beginning. You can style a clean pomp if you want. Nevertheless, the texture is beautiful and most comparable to some of the lighter clays like Arcadian. 


I agree 100% with the product description that this is a solid medium. 


Just look at the video or see how quickly everything was styled.


The resilience is rather poor as we would expect from a texturizing product like this. It'll likely get messed up during the day if you're moving around significantly. You might be ok if all you're doing is sitting around.


You can keep it back out of your face with your fingers and more doable with a comb. You can get the general shape back -- plus, hold onto a bit of the volume.




It's bit dry but nothing like some of the more brutal clay's we've used.


Boardwalk Matte Cream receives my seal of approval because of its convenience, and especially the funny fact that we can now squeeze a pomp out of a tube. I appreciate the ease of its application and the low effort required to style with it. I believe this outweighs its lack of resilience. For those of you who are looking for something that's smooth and hyper-convenient to use, this may be a perfect match.

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