Flagship | Matte Paste

Today, we're looking at one of the community's most beloved brands: Flagship Pomade Company. Known for their resilience and strength, the products that have come out of this label have been the most popular in hot and humid areas where your average pomade would submit to the weather. I believe their new Matte Paste is no different. We've seen many of the big name homebrewers like O'Douds and Shear Revival release their own Matte Paste, but I must say, the Flagship Matte Paste is distinctively different. For better or worse? Let's talk about it.


The design work has been streamlined. Even the logo has been modernized, which I feel has been asking for an update. It looks good. Specific to this jar, it's a metallic ink print on white vinyl. The jar size has been reduced to 3 ounces which really represents how much less product you need this time around. Do note that the label has a misprint of 4 ounces. Overall, it's an improvement over the old jars.


Maybe it's just a result from being on a cut but this paste completely smells like a buttermilk, old-fashioned donut. Mmmmmmm. But formal though -- it's similar but without the oil and grease. You can actually better describe it as something like a lemon cake: smooth, sweet, and creamy. 


It's a lot thicker than the paste pomades we've tried. We expect paste to be very creamy and smooth out of the jar. In reality, that's what we want out of almost any product because there really isn't any advantage to a stiff product. Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to scoop it out -- just push hard.


If you try to apply it to dry hair like I did, then it will be hell on Earth. So instead, put a bit of water in your hair again or use it right after you towel-dry your hair. It'll take it from impossible to more than doable. 


A solid notch below neutral to make it matte.


The strongest component of this product is its waxiness. That shit comes out strong. This makes it a coarse texture product that is still prone to fine strays. The wax brings out a dry stickiness that helps keeps clumps together while still allowing separation to happen between groups of hair follicles. Fine strays are susceptible while bringing the pomp forward so be aware then.


The strength of this paste is absurd. It's unquestionably one of the strongest products I've ever used -- all the while also being super lightweight. You'll definitely get some of the most volume you've ever had with this paste.


It's honestly one of the most unintuitive products we've used and the furthest we've moved from pomades. I believe a cornerstone of a pomade is being able to apply it to any hair in any condition. However, this one -- like other pastes from the salon market -- require more specific and demand processes. While this and other can also provide high performance styling potential, it comes at the cost of needing skill and familiarity to work with. 


This is a very resilient product. Paste or not. Texture or not. It'll more than likely last through the whole day for you -- given you're not dancing in the rain or rolling around on the ground. Damn. Check out that nice side head vein I got going on.


A large portion of the paste remains, so you'll be able to rework it even at the end of the day.






Just add water.


Flagship Matte Paste receives my seal of approval. Though it is not meant for an amateur and requires a very specific application environment, the styling performance is insane. This paste is strong as hell while being very light weight. It is additionally resilient as hell and something you can really rely on. That's why it receives me seal of approval -- far from pomade but also far exceeding expectations.

As of right now, this product will be released on Friday, March 30th. I'll let you guys know about any changes, but you should be able to use promo code THEPOMP to save some money on your order with Flagship.