Jack Henry | Clay Pomade

Jack Henry | Clay Pomade

Today, I decided to take a risk and try out a new brand that we've never looked at. They reached out to me a few weeks ago. I usually ignore most of the peeps that slide into my DM, but this brand had some design work that made it stand out. Not the best -- still enough to get my attention. I believe that any brand who gives love to their brand image will also have given much love to their products. 

I was right about Jack Henry Co. Let's talk about their Premium Clay Pomade.


Their jar is simplistic and minimalist, which matches their approach to formulation. It's printed with standard ink and on what appears to be thick paper. I'd honestly prefer if something simple like this to be printed directly on the jar. With minimalist design, it's a necessary to give the minimal components the most impact.

On a more practical note, it's an 4 oz. amber glass jar with glossy plastic lid.


The smell is 100% lavender. Their scent is as straightforward as their formula.


It's thicker than I'd like, but it isn't thicker than one would expect from a formula that is primarily bentonite clay and wax. Compared with the performance profile -- as we'll discuss in a bit -- this consistency is more than worth it.


Thankfully, it breaks down very nicely and applies easily. There's a beautifully satisfying grit that you feel from the clay as you smear it in your palms. You should have absolutely no problem combing through it and making sure it's applied evenly.


There's a slight luster beyond neutral. In other words, it's neutral with a slight kick that makes your hair look healthy and vibrant.


A beautiful coarse texture derives itself from the clay and wax. The clay pushes your hairs from one another while the wax creates a dry stickiness that keeps groups of hair follicles together. The texture is both very present and manageable.


A solid medium with very lightweight.


As you should have noticed in the video, my hair was basically already styled as I was just combing it all back. That's how volume-prone this product makes your hair. Super easy. I think almost anyone can style with this pomade.


Not good, of course. It's what we would expect from a medium-hold, lightweight, texturizing product. It styles beautifully, but this obviously isn't the most optimal characteristics for building a fortress. That's fine. It falls apart beautifully.


The product remains in your hair, so you can restyle with a comb or your fingers far into the day.


Nope. Not at all.


While the product feels dry to the touch, your hair won't feel dry in a harmful way.


Shampoo it and it'll feel like you've washed it out. There will likely be light residue left, but it feels clean either way.


I had my doubts when I first received this product and saw the ingredients list. How good can such a simple product be? If it was this simple, wouldn't someone have made this formula already? I guess not because Jack Henry Premium Clay Pomade is phenomenal. The styling characteristics are awesome. It's as though someone pursued the same goals as I did for Cellar Door but walked down a different path to it. This pomade receives my seal of approval and I believe it's well worth trying for everyone.

If you're interested, their price is steep so we've worked with them to apply our promo code THEPOMP. You'll save a significant portion when ordering directly by using our connection. Enjoy.