Grim Grease | Water Based Pomade

Grim Grease | Water Based Pomade

As always, we prefer to look at a brand's entire line when beginning to review any of their products. It's like listening to music -- I prefer to listen to album from start to finish because ideally, the artist has fabricated a story or sorts. Similarly, I hope that a good brand that create a lineup that fits into one another like a kit.

Today, we're reviewing the Grim Grease Water Based Pomade which is a gel-pomade hybrid with an advertised heavy hold. As you all know, we've looked at loads and loads of gel-pomades. They all start to blend together after some time, so we focus on what makes Grim Grease's product unique.


Like the Cream Pomade we looked at last time, the design work for 2018 was streamlined. I like it overall and especially when compared to the old look. However, there are many small details that need to be fix from a designer's perspective. On the lid, there is some majorly bad kerning and formatting going on. Not only is it inconsistent between each product but the letters basically overlap in some cases.

On a more practical note, it's your standard 4 oz. jar and the amber glass is lovely.


I love the smell. Honestly, it smells exactly like a Pimm's Cup from Paper Planes in San Jose -- which is fucking amazing. It's a cucumber-refreshing and citrus-like smells with a strong musk component that adds depth. According to the listing, there's actually no cucumber but a exquisite mixture of citrus notes and herbal musk.


It's definitely one of the softest gel-pomades we've used. The feel is super comparable to Admiral Supply Co.'s but a little thicker.


It keeps a bit wet which makes application smooth and easy. You'll have absolutely no problem getting the product wherever you want or need it.




It's moderately slick. It doesn't keep wet past the styling phase. There's a slight dry pastiness that is just enough to style a clean pomp.


I would definitely not describe this as a heavy or strong hold pomade. A heavy requires a heavy weight and a strong needs to be...stronger. This is more of a medium-firm hold. The strength is very balanced and optimized with a light weight.


Super intuitive and very convenient. 


Unless you head banging at your desk or hanging upside on monkey bars, your pomp will likely be fine for the whole day. It's pretty impressive for having such a light weight and not hardening that bad. 


It's slightly possible without water because of the dry pastiness. This product doesn't seem to puff away as easily as others. You can even finger comb it to some extent. If you can access some water, then you'll be able to get the shape back with some volume loss.


Definitely but not too bad.


Just add water.


Like almost any gel-pomade, it styles easily and washes out effortlessly. The unique thing about Grim Grease Water Based Pomade is how clean it feels and styles. The overall look is very natural, and it doesn't have that shell look at all that every other gel-pomade has. It felt like there was nothing in my hair, yet it kept shape. That's why it receives me seal of approval as another good gel-pomade choice.

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