Lockhart's | Anti-Gravity

Lockhart's Professional Anti-Gravity has been in development for a very long time now. I actually thought it had already been released long ago, but I guess it's only finally dropped after two years in formulation. So, given the two years in development and the existence of other matte pastes in our market already, we have very high expectations for this product.


Ever since they released the Lockhart's Professional line, the design work and labeling has been consistent across these products. The Anti-Gravity has been a little cleaner than the others with its darker grayscale scheme. On the practical side, it's a 100g jar which comes out to approximately 3.7 ounces. Unlike their Authentic line, it comes in a plastic amber jar with metal lid.


The aroma is very pleasant. It's a complicated (and long) list of layered scents, but in more simple terms, it's a cool and refreshing cologne with herbal smoothness on top. 


Out of the many matte paste products we've seen, this is one of the better consistencies we've experienced. It's like thick Greek yogurt -- the whole milk variety. You'll scoop it out without any effort at all. It makes us consider how other companies can even call their product a paste if it doesn't scoop out like a -- well -- a paste.


As long as your hair is still moist (i.e. just after it's been towel-dried), it's an easy process to apply the product. If it's dry, then it's possible to apply the product but difficult to distribute it deep into your hair where you need it. Additionally, it'll expedite the dry/hardening process which makes the styling process unnecessarily accelerated and difficult.




It provides a lot of texture. We're talking as much as Arcadian Clay but distinctively different. Clay pomades tend to be more dense in feel while a product like Anti-Gravity is lighter on its feet. The texture flies rather than flows and the range moves from coarse to medium rather than being confined to just coarse.


The strength I experienced isn't what the product made me hope for. It was more of a medium-firm -- more towards medium. The weight was as light as I could have ever wanted, which allows you to really take advantage of the hold. But actually, maybe it's insanely too light that the hold just becomes unstable in a way. 


The control is above average as long as your hair started off moist enough to keep the product nice and limber. It'll go where you want, but the issue here is that moisture adds weight and not hold. If you need to hold onto moisture (that isn't inherently in the product), then you're unnecessarily weighing down your hair. The hope is that the water evaporates as you start to finish styling in order to get full use of the volume. 


Not good. I won't lie that this is what we expect out of texturizing products. The most resilience we've seen out of a paste product is Flagship Matte Paste -- of course, that came with a very inconvenient application process. So, you decide. It's a trade off. This product is easy to apply and use, but it'll be at the cost of a resilient product.


It's easy to keep the hair back and out of your face. Plus, the texture stays beautiful and it'll fall apart aesthetically. However, you won't have much volume late into the day.


It stiffens a bit, but you won't get a shell head like with a gel-pomade.


Nope. It feels super clean.


I think Lockhart's Anti-Gravity can fit someone who's styling doesn't require a shit load of volume and is more keen on having some super clean. To use this product, you have to be able to embrace and enjoy the beauty of how one's hair will move and flow throughout the day. If you were to view matte paste products on a spectrum, you'd find Shear Revival Northern Lights on one side -- super thick and brutal but strongly reliable. Anti-Gravity would be on the other end: it's light on its toes and only ready for a skilled hand. I'd recommend this product for someone looking for someone new, but I wouldn't recommend it to an amateur looking for repeatability.

If you're interested, we offer promo code THEPOMP to save money on your order when you shop directly with Lockhart's. If you don't think this is the matte paste for you, we've also worked closely with the other homebrewers to make the promo code work with them as well. Enjoy.